Skyrim Black Book: The Winds of Change Quest Guide

You need to complete several Black Book quests in Skyrim to read up on all of the black books and The Winds of Change is one such quest. Black books are the scripture of knowledge in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and upon reading them the players are granted extraordinary rewards and power.

The origin of these books is unknown making them very mysterious.  There are seven black books scattered around, some have come from the past and some from the future.

The following guide highlights the walkthrough and rewards of the Black Book: The Winds of Change Quest in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It also highlights some of the most common glitches players have encountered while completing this quest.

The Winds of Change Quest walkthrough

The player will be transported to Apocrypha after reading the black book. The winds of change quest requires the player to follow a straight path to reach the end of a tunnel.  The area is full of soul gems, therefore be sure to pick them.

At the start, the enemies are easier and can be quickly dealt with. Follow the path and open up the gateways to proceed further in the area. Seekers and lurkers will block your path, kill them to get to the end of the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel, the black book can be found. A reward can be chosen and this marks the end of the quest.


The player can get one of the following rewards upon reading the black book and completing the quest:

  • Scholar’s Insight: Reading Skill Books gives an extra Skill Point. It is recommended to acquire this reward before reading the skill books.
  • Companion’s Insight: The player’s attacks, shouts, and destruction spells do no damage to their followers. This skill is very helpful for team attacks and as the members can use their attacks without any constraint
  • Lover’s Insight: This reward results in 10% more damage and 10% better prices from the opposite sex.


There is one glitch experienced by the players during this quest. The option of selecting a reward after reading the book doesn’t show up. Similarly, sometimes the players don’t return to Solstheim after completing the quest.

Simply reloading the save file fixes this issue in most cases.

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