Skyrim Fortify One-Handed Potion: Recipe, Ingredients and Effects

Use the Fortify One-Handed potion to increase the damage output of your one-handed weapons in Skyrim.

Fortify One-Handed Potion increases the damage done by one-handed weapons by a certain percentage over a fixed time duration. Such a potion can come in handy when using a one-handed weapon in combat. The temporary boost in damage can prove to be effective. Apart from the potion, players can also use Fortify One-handed enchantment that can be done on wearable items such as Rings, Bracelets, and Necklaces that grant an increase in damage.

How to craft Fortify One-Handed Potion, The Recipe

To craft yourself some Fortify One-Handed potions, you have to first make sure you have acquired all the ingredients necessary. Multiple ingredients can be mixed to create this potion so there are multiple recipes. Once the ingredients are collected, head on over to an alchemy lab and brew the ingredients to create the potion. All ingredients have multiple effects; hence, creating a potion with different ingredients will lead to potions having more than one effect. For example, Crafting a One-Handed potion with Pearlfish and Heart of Order can also grant effects of restoring health, resisting frost, and fortifying One-Handed.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of the potion will also depend on your Alchemy Skill Level. So if you want to improve the effect of the potion, invest in Alchemy.

Fortify One-Handed Potion Ingredients and Effects

Below is the list of ingredients that can be used to craft Fortify One-Handed potion. Two of the following ingredients are required to create the potion; players can choose two items based on their desired secondary effects;

Ingredient NameLocationEffect OneEffect TwoEffect ThreeEffect Four
PearlfishFishing SpotsRestore StaminaResist FrostFortify SmithingFortify One-Handed
Heart of OrderKhajiit CaravansRestore HealthFortify HealthFortify One-HandedFortify Two-Handed
Rock Warble EggTemple of Dibella, Blind Cliff CaveRestore HealthFortify One-HandedDamage StaminaWeakness to magic
Bear ClawBearsRestore StaminaFortify HealthFortify One-HandedDamage Magicka Regen
Small PearlNear alchemy tables, in homes in HearthfireRestore StaminaFortify One-HandedFortify RestorationResist Frost
Canis RootRiften Stables, Morthal Swamps, Autumnwatch TowerDamage StaminaFortify One-HandedFortify marksmanParalysis
Hawk FeatherHawks, Alchemist ShopsCure DiseasesFortify Light ArmorFortify One-HandedFortify Sneak
Hanging MossSolitude Catacombs, Blindcliff CaveDamage MagickaFortify HealthDamage Magicka RegenFortify One-Handed
Stoneflower PetalsKhajiit CaravansWeakness to ShockFortify One-HandedFortify MagickaFortify Enchanting
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