Best Alchemy Shops and Merchants in Skyrim

Need some ingredients to brew those potions?

Like any other Shop and Merchant in Skyrim, Alchemy shops offer buying and selling of alchemy-based items. Apart from buy and sell, alchemists also offer the opportunity to train your alchemy skills, but that is restricted to 5 skill levels per 1 character level until 75 skill level. Do keep in mind that it is not for free. Inside the alchemy shops, you can also have quick access to an alchemy table (lab), which can be useful for crafting potions on the go.

Alchemists sometimes have a side quest for you as well, so that’s another way to gain quick exp and rewards. The Alchemy shops can be identified by a specific banner hanging outside of the shops. It’s important to note that the ingredients and items these Alchemy Merchants have to sell in their shops are somewhat random, so we can’t really tell you exactly what they will sell. So, if an Alchemy Shop or merchant doesn’t have what you are looking for, you might want to return later once the stock changes.

In this guide, we will tell you about Skyrim’s best Alchemy Shops and merchants, so you don’t have any trouble finding them.

Arcadia’s Cauldron

The first Alchemy shop you will probably come across first and the simplest one to get to is Arcadia’s Cauldron, located in Whiterun. As soon as you enter the gates, head on straight on the street till the end, crossing the burning braziers. Once you come across a well, look to the right. You will see the Alchemy banner on the house, and that is Arcadia’s Cauldron.

Grave Concoctions

grave concotions

The Grave Concoctions alchemy shop is located in Falkreath. After entering the area, go straight until you come by a house with paths leading to both sides of the house. Take the right path, and as you are about to cross the house, look to the right, which is seemingly a dead end. The shop there is the Grave Concoctions. NPC named Zaria owns this shop and you can also find a skill book near the cupboard in this shop.

The Hag’s Cure

The hag's cure location

Now, heading to the west side of the map, you will come across Markarth. As soon as you spawn, head down to your left, following a battled pavement that turns to the right. Cross the shade that comes along the way, and you will see a bridge to your left. Cross it and make your way to the stairs on your right. Go up and to the left, and in front of you will be the alchemy shop, The Hag’s Cure. Bothela runs this shop and you can purchase some alchemy ingredients and potions from her. Her assistant, Muiri can also be found in this shop.

Angeline’s Aromatics

Angelines Aromatics location

For this Alchemy shop, we need to go to Solitude. This is another easy and one of the best alchemy shops to get to in Skyrim. After spawning, cross the first building that comes to your left, and the next one will be Angeline’s Aromatics. Angeline Morrard runs this shop and you can also get a quest from her.

Thaumaturgist’s Hut

Thaumaturgists hut location

Another easy alchemy shop to get to in Skyrim, but its name is as troublesome. Simply make your way to Morthal. From here, just walk straight down the street to the second building to your right. That is the Thaumaturgist’s Hut. Lami is the owner of this shop who will sell you Alchemy Ingredients and potions.

The Mortar and Pestle

The Mortar and Pestle location

For this shop, head on over to Dawnstar. Unlike the rest of the alchemy shops, this one is a bit farther away and can’t be found easily on the first go. After spawning, just walk straight into the start of the housing area. You will see a pond in the center, which will be to your left. Across the pond is the building you wish to get to, The Mortar and Pestle. NPC named Frida runs this shop and she also has a quest for you, “The Ring of Pure Mixtures.” You can use this quest to get Fortify Alchemy Enchantment in Skyrim.

Nurelion (Quintus Navale)

Nurelion (Quintus Navale) location

This shop is located in Windhelm. As soon as you are in Windhelm, head to your left and walk to the end of the street into a marketplace with stalls all around. Turn right, and in front of you will be the shop you are looking for. The shop is run by Qunitas Navale, who is an assistant to Nurelion.

Elgrim’s Elixir

Elgrims Elixir location

Elgrim’s Elixir can be found at Riften. After spawning in Riften, go to the bridge in front of you but do not cross it. Look to its right, and you will see a path going down. Follow it and cross the small bridge over to the door which is the Elgrim’s Elixir Alchemy shop.

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