Best Early Game Armor and Weapons To Get In Skyrim

Use these items and get overpowered early in Skyrim.

Having good armor and weapons early on in role-playing games like Skyrim can prove valuable. Since there aren’t many good options available in the starting phases of the game, finding the right gear can be somewhat tricky.

In Skyrim, players can face a similar issue. However, the game does have some great options for the players if they know where to look. You can get your hands on these items even at low levels and become a dominant force early on in the game.

This guide will look into the best weapons and armor players can get in the early game (Level 1-15, low levels) and how to get them.

The Longhammer

Skyrim long hammer - best early weapon

First on our list is a Heavy Weapon that players can acquire at low levels in Skyrim. The Longhammer is a special hammer that grants players an increase in its swing by 30%, making attacks more efficient. Although the path to obtaining this hammer demands a higher level and gear, there is an alternative method that can be used to get your hands on this heavy hitter.

Make your way to Liar’s Retreat, a cave located towards the south of Solitude. Now, once you are at the entrance of the cave, be sure to remember one thing. You are not at a level to fight what lies inside, so it is best to sprint past everyone and everything until you make it to the end of the cave and collect the hammer.

Orcish Armor

orcish armor skyrim

For the players beginning their ventures in Skyrim as a Warrior, Orcish Armor is the best armor set for players on low levels like 1-15. This Armor is suited to support Warrior builds and is nearly as strong as Ebony Armor with a base armor rating of 120. This area not only has Oricsh Armor pieces but also a battle axe and shield. Players are earning themselves a full set of heavy armor and weapons.

To get your hands on this armor set, go to Largashbur, located southwest of Riften. The stronghold requires a minimum level of 10 to unlock, but the armor set can still be retrieved even if you haven’t reached that level. Run towards the left side of the stronghold towards the hill, climb the hill, and then jump into the stronghold. Once you try to pick up the armor, you will be called a thief, and thugs will come after you. Outrun them and find shelter, or just kill them; the choice is yours, and so is a new set of armor and axe.

Mace of Molag Bal

mace of molag bal

A Daedric artifact, the Mace of Molag Bal, is among Skyrim’s most powerful artifacts. Surely, after hearing its name and capabilities, new players give up, saying it’s one of the weapons to come back to once a higher level is attained, but that is not the case here. Players can get their hands on this Mace early in Skyrim. Make your way to Markarth and begin the quest ‘House of Horrors.’

This Mace deals damage to the stamina and magicka of the enemy by draining it. If the enemy dies within 3 seconds of being hit, the enemy’s soul can be collected in a soul gem.

Bound Weapons

bound weapons skyrim

Bound Weapons are conjuring weapons that can be attained easily in Skyrim early on. These weapons are nearly weightless and have exceptional damage, making them the perfect weapons for beginners, especially for mages.

The Bound Sword and Battle Axe can be easily bought from almost any mage vendor. The Bound Bow, however, needs a bit of effort. The bow spell can be found at Fort Amol, located south of Winshelm. Enter the court and go to the room’s left side. Beside the shelves, you will see a bucket inside, which is the spell tome of Bound Bow. Do keep in mind that these weapons require Magicka for use.

Diadem of the Savant

diadem of savant skyrim

A crown meant to be the reward of a quest, the Diadem of the Savant can easily be obtained without making any effort at all. Make your way to Froki’s Shack, west of Riften. Outside the shack, head towards the log with an axe on it located at the steep side of the shack, and you will spot the crown on it.

This crown grants a reduction to all spell costs by 5%. It is the best item to obtain for beginner mages.

Elven Bow

Skyrim Elven Bow

The bow is a stealth-based player’s best friend. Finding a bow whose stats are amongst the best ones in the game makes it a perfect bow for low-level players (between 1-15). The Elven Bow can be found at Jorrvaskr, Whiterun. Go into the building and take 2 lefts, and you will enter a room with the Elven Bow placed on display. Now, you can either steal it (from a specific angle from the right side of the display) or lockpick the display, but you require the lockpick skill of a level Expert.

Ancient Shrouded Armor

ancient shrouded armor early skyrim

Ancient Shrouded Armor is considered one of the best Light Armors in Skyrim. To obtain this armor, players must join the Dark Brotherhood and complete the questline. Of course, that is not the way we are going to obtain this armor set. Another way to obtain this armor set at the beginning of the game is to head towards Deepwood Redoubt, which is located to the west of Solitude. Go inside the cave, Hags End, all the way to the throne room and open the secret passage behind the throne by using the Ritual Stone. Doing so will revive the Assassin of Old, whom you will have to kill and loot to obtain the Ancient Shrouded Armor, an armor set fitting for a stealth build. This method does not require you to join the Dark Brotherhood at all.


Skyrim Wabbajack

Another Daedric artifact that can be obtained at level 1. The Wabbajack is a powerful and fascinating staff that deals random elemental damage upon each swing. Fast travel to Solitude and find a person named ‘Dervenin.’ He will give you a quest whose reward is the Wabbajack.

Skyforge Steel Weapons

Skyrim skyforge steel weapons

This set of weapons can be attained by either buying them from the Blacksmith ‘Eorlund Gray-Mane’ once you join the Companions. It’s the more straightforward route to get your hands on these weapons. Another way to get these weapons early on in the game is by completing the quests of “Proving Honor.” Eorlund will reward you with an item of your choice from the set upon each quest completion.

Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson

Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson

This powerful staff can be obtained early on in Skyrim. During the quest of the College of Winterhold “Under Saarthal,” this staff can be found in the same room as the Eye of Magnus.

This staff increases the damage taken by enemies by 25 points and doubles the damage dealt with Magicka. A very handy weapon for mages.

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