Skyrim Dragonborn Werewolf Rings Guide

Want to unleash the beast inside you? In Skyrim, you have the chance to do so by becoming a werewolf. If you have, you might want to amplify your strength by obtaining the four Werewolf Rings that come in the DLC and this Dragonborn Werewolf Rings Guide will help you locate all of the Werewolf rings.

There are a total of five Werewolf rings in Skyrim that players can obtain with each having a unique ability, however, these rings were included in the Dragonborn expansion so obviously players require the Dragonborn expansion to be installed.

If you haven’t already become a member of The Companions, then you might want to give it a try. Follow our Werewolf Guide and you’ll be on your way.

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Skyrim Dragonborn Werewolf Rings

Each of the Werewolf Rings has a special ability or amplifies a specific ability of the player, however, be warned that some of the rings also decrease a specific ability of the character while buffing another one. With that in mind, let’s begin with our Skyrim Werewolf Rings guide which will help players locating these rings and their abilities.

Obtaining the Rings
You need to travel to the Frostmoon Crag and talk to an NPC named Majni. To do so, speak to the bartender in Raven Rock about rumors. This should allow you to initiate a quest to find the Frostmoon Crag.

When you meet Majni, he will instantly recognize that you are a werewolf (if you are, that is). He’ll offer you four special rings that enhance your abilities during the werewolf form.

Werewolf Rings
The four werewolf rings give you massive buffs. Each one lets you tap into one of four Frostmoon Abilities, however, one of them also has a debuff to your defense. Nevertheless, they really make being a werewolf an entirely new experience.

Multiple copies of the ring can be bought from Majini for the prices mentioned below.

Note: The rings can only be used in Werewolf form

Ring of Bloodlust
Ability: Frostmoon Bloodlust
Value: 1500
Your attacks do 50% more damage, but you also take %50 more damage in Beast Form.

Ring of Instinct
Ability: Frostmoon Instinct
Value: 3000
Your instincts are boosted when you enter Beast Form, the world around you slows down for 20 seconds.

Ring of the Hunt:
Ability: Frostmoon Predator
Value: 3500
It regenerates your health over time.

Ring of the Moon:
Ability: Frostmoon Howl
Value: 2250
Gives a 25% increase to the Howl Duration.

That is all for our Skyrim Werewolf Rings guide with tips on all the Werewolf rings locations and their abilities.

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