How to Cure Skyrim Diseases

In Skyrim, players can be affected by different infectious due to certain vectors (disease mediating entities). Although these infections can be cured but they can weaken your character in certain fields till you find a cure. This guide will show you how to cure Skyrim diseases and avoid them in the future.

How to Cure Skyrim Diseases

Most of these diseases are contracted through the traps found in the dungeon. If you are sick, NCPs will indicate it by telling you that you “need to rest” or looks sickly.

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Following is a list of diseases, their effects, and causes found in Skyrim:

EffectsLock picking and pick pocketing becomes 25% harder.
Cause Skeever/Frostbite Spiders/Slaughterfish/Traps

Black Heart Blight
Effects – 10 Points from Carry Weight is drained.
Cause – Unknown

Bone Break Fever
EffectsDrains 25 points of stamina
CauseBear or Traps

Brain Rot
Effects -Drains 25 of magicka
Cause -Hargraven or traps

Effects – One-handed/Two-Handed Weapons do 15% less damage
Cause – Ash Hooper

Effects -The rate of stamina regeneration is reduced by 2.5 points
Cause -Traps

Effects -Your melee weapons effectiveness is reduced by 25%
Cause -Wolf or traps

Sanguinare Vampiris
Effects -One can become a vampire and health is reduced by 25.

Effects – Magicka regeneration rate is reduced by 0.5 points.
Cause – Traps

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There are a lot of diseases that you’ll need to be wary of, however, as a mercy, the developers have created a plethora of ways with which players can cure themselves of any disease.

How to Cure Diseases in Skyrim

First of all, there are several alchemical ingredients in Skyrim that have ‘Cure Disease’ property. By using these ingredients, one will cure themselves of all ailments. The ingredients and their locations are as follows:

  • Charred Skeever Hide: Cannot be forged or looted, you must discover it somewhere in the world. Can be found in the Embershard Mine, at Stonehill Bluff, in Irkngthand during the ‘Blindsighted’ quest, within the Sanuarach Mines, and within the walls of Fort Dunstad.
  • Vampire Dust: This ingredient can be looted from vampire corpses, or can be located in the Autumnwatch Tower, Movarth’s Lair, Hall of Attainment, Drelas’ Cottage, Dustman’s Cairn, and Haemar’s Shame. Alchemists sometimes are selling it as well.
  • Mudcrab Chitin: This ingredient can only be looted from the cadavers of Mudcrabs.
  • Hawk Feathers: Can be looted from Hawks, or from members of the Silver Hand. Can also be bought from Alchemists.
  • Felsaad Tern Feathers: These feathers are dropped by Felsaad Terns, and can be found in Glover Mallory’s House, Milore Lenth’s Alchemy Room, and in Crescius Caerellius’ House.

Alongside these ingredients, there are other ways to cure diseases in Skyrim:

  • In the Temple of Mara in Riften, you can cure diseases.
  • In any shrine that worships a deity, you can cure diseases.
  • In the Shrine of Nocturnal in the Thieves Guild you can also cure diseases.
  • The Vigilants of Stendarr can cure diseases for you.

There is actually a single item in the game that actually confers to you disease immunity. Not absolutely, mind you, there are still certain viruses that can seep through but it provides perfect immunity against poisons and diseases.

This item is the Dragon Priest Mask, Hevnoraak. Obtain this item to protect yourself from most diseases, and if you get inflicted with one of the few you’re still susceptible to, use any of the given methods to cure yourself.

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