Skyrim Destruction Leveling Guide, How To Level Up Fast

Will you choose a glitch or the legal ways to level Destruction in Skyrim?

Destruction is one of the 18 skills players can learn in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This skill is usually associated with Mages. Destruction magic only has one purpose: to deal as much damage as possible. Destruction magic utilizes the elements of fire, frost, and shock to wreak havoc over your enemies.

Climbing up the skill tree of destruction opens up perks that amplify the effectiveness of your elemental damage and simultaneously lessen your magicka cost for using such magic. Along with the increase in the amount of damage dealt with the destruction magic, players can also increase the effectiveness of their enchantments that are in use at the time. This makes leveling up the destruction skill tree a very viable reason to boost your stats.

Like any other skill in Skyrim, Destruction also has its ways of leveling up. Players have to use destructive magic in battle to gain XP, which aids in leveling up this skill. This guide will explore different ways to reach level 100 for Destruction Skill fast.

Fastest Way for Destruction Leveling in Skyrim

The fastest way to level up Destruction is a glitch that was found some years back but is still used to this day to level up players’ destruction skill. To apply this glitch in Skyrim, players must first collect a book and learn a spell. For that, players need to make their way to Hob’s Fall Cave, which is located between Winterhold and Dawnstar.

spell tome unbounded storm

Head on over to the cave and make your way into the cave until you reach the main room of the cave. On the way, you will have to fight off mages and skeletons. As you reach the main room, you will come across two chests. One is locked, and the other is unlocked.


Go to the settings and lower the difficulty to a minimum so that you can fight the enemies easily.

Once you reach the chest, look for the spell “Unbounded Storm.” This spell will aid in your quest to reach level 100 of Destruction. You can read the tome on the spot or walk out of the cave and read it once you are out.

After reading the spell, activate it on both hands. As you are about to cast it, make sure no friendly NPC is around you. Cast it and quickly open the map. Fast travel to the furthest place you have unlocked while making sure no major city comes in the way. The farther you travel, the more XP you will get. As you reach the area of your designated fast travel, you will see that you have leveled up a great amount of Destruction Skill. Make a few more similar trips and reach level 100 quickly.


Activate the ‘Mage Stone’ at the Guardian stones to activate a 20% boost to magic skills.

Use Summons and Shadowmere to Level Destruction

The primary way to quickly level up your destruction skill is to use your destruction spells as much as possible. One method to apply this trick is to use it on creatures and enemies. Summon any creature (preferably any atronach) with a conjuration spell and then bombard it with a destruction spell (Fireball is preferred). Antronach has a really good HP bar, so it will not die easily. Continuously hitting it with a destruction spell will result in you gaining destruction exp quickly.

Players can also apply this same trick on Shadowmere, a horse in Skryim rewarded after you complete 4 quests given by the Dark Brotherhood. Once you have been given Shadowmere, simply take it to some deserted area and start spamming your destruction spells on it. Shadowmere has a great amount of HP and HP regeneration compared to any other horse, making it the best punching bag in this regard. Keep on hitting Shadowmere or Astronach with destruction spells until you reach the maximum level.


Use armor sets and enchantments that decrease destruction magic cost, increase Magicka restoration, and increase total Magicka to aid in gaining exp quickly.

Trainers and Spell Books

Like every other skill in Skyrim, Destruction Skill also has multiple skill trainers that will offer an opportunity to level up your skill for a certain price. Players are allowed to level up their skill 5 times per character level. Similarly, trainers of different ranks can help players achieve different maximum levels of skill.

  • Adept (Max level 50)
  • Expert (Max level 75)
  • Master (Max level 90)

Walk up to any of the Trainers below to gain levels to your Destruction skill:

  • Wuunferth the Unliving (Adept, Windhelm)
  • Sybille Stentor (Expert, Solitude)
  • Garan Marathi (Expert, Castle Volkihar)
  • Faralda (Master, School of Winterhold)

Spell Books are another way to gain some levels of skill. These books instantly increase your skill level by 1. There are a total of 5 books per skill in Skyrim. You can find multiple copies of these books, however, they work only once. Read these books and use them to instantly level up your skill. Skill books for Destruction Skill are:

  • A Hypothetical Treachery (The Aretino house, Windhelm)
  • Art of War (Ravenscar Hollow)
  • Horrors of Castle Xyr (Inside the tent, Glenmoril Coven)
  • Response to Bero’s Speech (Ice Breaker Mine, Dawnstar)
  • The Mystery of Princess Talara, v3 (Winterhold)
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