Where to Find Skyrim Fortify Alchemy Enchantment

Find Frida, get the ring, Disenchant it to get the Fortify Alchemy Enchantment effect.

Alchemy in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a skill through which you can mix various materials so that you can make poisons and potions, whereas enchantment is a skill through which you can apply magical effects to weapons, armor, and jewelry to make them more powerful and make them go beyond their base level and get insane stats on them. You can find these enchantments through vendors, defeating enemies, and looting chests.

Fortify alchemy enchantment in Skyrim increases the damage of weapons, armor, and potion effectiveness. Interestingly, players can exploit it by using the fortify enchanting potion and potion of fortify restoration, then loop this process until you get the desired numbers on your items. So this enchantment has its uses.

This guide will teach you how to get the Fortify Alchemy Enchantment in Skyrim.

How to Get Skyrim Fortify Alchemy Enchantment

Although you can get the Fortify Alchemy Effect by disenchanting any item that has this effect, finding such an item could be an issue for some players. If you already have one in your inventory, disenchant (with the help of Arcane Enchanter) that item to get the Fortify Alchemy effect. However, if you don’t have an item with this effect on you or you don’t want to destroy the item you already have, there is a sure-fire method through which you can get Fortify Alchemy Enchantment in Skyrim. You will have to meet an NPC and complete a quest.

For the quest method, you will need to go to Dawnstar and then talk to Frida in “Mortar and Pestle,” and she will give you a quest, “Dungeon Delving” to retrieve the “Ring of Pure Mixtures.”

To complete the quest, you will have to go to the forsaken cave; it’s a relatively easy dungeon to clear. You will mostly face draugr and traps. You will find the ring in a chest. After completing the quest, you will have to go back to “Frida” and return the ring. She will level up your alchemy, and then you can buy it from her. If, for some reason, you don’t get the ring, you can either pickpocket or kill her so that you can get the ring. So after getting the ring, you have to disenchant it so you can learn the fortify alchemy enchantment.


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