Skyrim Enchanting and Restoration Loop Explained

How to do the infamous Enchanting and Restoration Loop?

For a game as big and complex as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, bugs, exploits, and glitches can be a normal thing. Among the various exploits in Skyrim, the Enchanting and Restoration Loop is one of the most infamous ones. The basic idea of this exploit is that it grants players the ability to create extremely overpowered potions and gear, which is also high in resale value. However, the Alchemy Enchanting and Restoration Loop (Glitch) is tricky to implement, and in this guide, we will tell you everything there is to know about this exploit. Before we begin, it’s important to note that the exploit was never patched officially, and you can still make it work. Also, this glitch is also commonly referred to as “Restoration Loop in Skyrim” so you should not get confused by the naming.

How does the Skyrim Enchanting and Restoration Loop work

There are some prerequisites to execute the Alchemy Enchanting and Restoration Loop glitch, like getting Fortify Alchemy Enchantment and crafting Fortify restoration potions. If you haven’t got them already, we have explained them in this guide as well, so make sure that you check out those sections as well. However, if the prerequisites are covered, here is a step-by-step process to make the Alchemy Enchanting loop work in Skyrim.

  1. The first thing you should do is enchant at least one item with Fortify Alchemy Enchantment. You can equip up to four enchanted items, including Braces, a Necklace, a Ring, and a Helmet.
  2. After you have equipped the enchanted item/s, it’s time to craft a Fortify Restoration Potion. (Abecean Fin, Salt Pile). Make sure you have sufficient ingredients to craft the restoration potions, as we are going to need multiple of them.
  3. Drink the Restoration potion with the enchanted items equipped. After drinking the potion, un-equip the enchanted items and re-equip them.
  4. Craft another Restoration potion, drink it, and repeat the process.
  5. For each loop, crafting potion effects will keep increasing, which you can use to craft very powerful Fortify Smithing and Fortify Enchanting Potions and then upgrade your equipment with these potions.
skyrim enchanting and restoration loop
skyrim restoration and enchanting loop 2

So by using this loop/glitch, you are not only Leveling up your Alchemy by making very powerful potions, you can also make some very powerful equipment as well. The equipment you craft in Skyrim using this loop can also be sold for millions so it’s also a quick way to get rich in the game. However, you shouldn’t repeat the restoration loop more than 7-8 times, as after that, the results might be absurd and if you keep on going, it might even end up crashing your game. As for getting the Fortify Alchemy Enchantment

How to get Fortify Alchemy Enchantment in Skyrim

There are two ways through which players can get their hands on Fortify Alchemy Enchantment in Skyrim. One, they can get it from an item that has this effect or through a quest. Getting it from items will be a random event so it’s not really recommended, as you never know when exactly you will come across such items.

I recommend that you try the surefire method to get your hands on the Fortify Alchemy effect by completing the “Dungeon Delving” quest. You can find an NPC named Frida in Dawnstar at Mortal and Pestle. If you complete her quest, you will get a ring (Ring of Pure Mixtures as a reward) that has Fortify Alchemy enchantment. You can disenchant this ring to get the effect. You can also choose to kill her or pickpocket her if your morale allows you to do it, but we recommend that you complete the quest as it’s not that hard.

How to Craft Fortify Restoration and Fortify Enchanting Potions

To craft the Fotify Restoration potions, you are going to need any 2 of these 5 ingredients:

  •     Abecean Longfin
  •     Cyrodilic Spadetail
  •     Salt Pile
  •     Small Antlers
  •     Small Pearl

As for crafting a Fortify Enchanting Potion after doing the restoration loop for a few times, you can use the following ingredients:

  •     Blue Butterfly Wing
  •     Hagraven Claw
  •     Snowberries
  •     Spriggan Sap

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