Konami Updates Silent Hill Trademark, Yet To Buy Back SilentHill.com

Silent Hill fans believe that the acclaimed horror franchise is finally returning following a nearly decade-long hiatus.

Earlier today, publisher Konami was spotted (via Reddit) to have updated its Silent Hill trademark along with a separate trademark which references use of a virtual reality headset. The trademark is naturally no guarantee that Konami has a new Silent Hill in the works, or if that game will support virtual reality in any capacity.

What the trademark does confirm though is that Konami has not forgotten about its Silent Hill franchise, which is saying much since the publisher remains to buy back its official domain.

The official Silent Hill website domain expired earlier in the year. Konami apparently forgot about renewing its domain rights, or was at least late in doing so because someone out there managed to swoop in to purchase the open domain just in time.

SilentHill.com was stripped off all pages to show nothing but a screenshot of a tweet made by artist Masahiro Ito about the iconic Pyramid Head. That happened more than a couple of weeks back and at the time of writing is still in the hands of a new owner. Konami can however still obtain the domain back as it currently owns all rights to the franchise and trademark.

Konami was heavily rumored last year to be outsourcing its franchises to third-party developers in a bid to remaster or remake all of its flagships. Those rumors include a potential Silent Hill reboot, which could possibly be in the hands of Bloober Team, the developer behind Blair Witch and The Medium.

That being said, much like the rumored Bloodborne remake for PlayStation 5 and PC, a new Silent Hill reboot rumor generally always finds its way every single months or so. Until an official announcement arrives, fans should best keep their excitement in check.

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