Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Journal Locations Guide

The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves has 5 journals waiting to be found. This guide will tell you how to find all the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Journals in the Sea of Thieves A Pirates life update by highlighting their locations.

Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Journal Locations

There are five journals to locate in the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in the new A Pirate’s Life update of SoT. Two of these journals are found in the Spire, and the remaining three are found in the Citadel.

Collecting all journals unlocks the Pieces of Silver commendation in Sea of Thieves.

Journal 1


Enter the tall room after breaking the first air lock in the Spire. This room requires you to figure out the three siren statue related puzzles. Inside this room, look around at the ground floor behind the wooden debris to find the first journal.

Journal 2

After you solve all the three siren puzzles at the tall room where you found the first journal, the water will rise allowing progression. Instead of leaving the room, swim around the edges of the room. You will find the second journal next to the red rocks.

Journal 3

After you open the doors to the Citadel with the five gems, you will see two shipwrecks. Investigate the ship wreck on the left to find the third journal.

Journal 4

After the third journal, exit to the room on the very left side. You’ll find a tunnel, swim through it. This will lead you to a room that hold another siren statue puzzle. From here, swim down to an opening to find another ship wreck. Look on the wreck to find the journal.

Journal 5

The final journal is in a chamber at the Citadel. After a number of Siren Puzzles you’ll eventually reach a room with a pulley.

The pulley will bring down part of a wrecked ship that will start to go back up again. Hop onto it. When you’re brought up, you’ll see another wreckage. Jump into this one to find the last journal on a crate.

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