Sea of Thieves The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Guide

The Sunken Pearl is the second tall tale in Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life and in this guide, we’ll help complete it by outlining the answers to every riddle and helping you solve every puzzle presented in this Pirates of the Caribbean themed DLC quest!

Sea of Thieves The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

In this tall tale added to Sea of Thieves with A Pirate’s Life update, you will be trying to recover Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass by diving deep into the Sunken Kingdom. You will encounter Siren statues when you start to explore the Sunken Kingdom and they will have puzzles associated with them to solve!

What’s more is that this tale will have you staying underwater for long durations. But fear not, as there is a system in place for you to not lose all your breath.

Now let’s get started by first learning how to start The Sunken Pearl tale in Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life.

How to Start the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

After completing the first Tall Tale you can start the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale by voting on any of the Castaway camps. On the right of the first Tale book you will find The Book for the “The Sunken Pearl”. After the Crew and you vote to start it Castaway will tell the Tale.

She will tell you about the first tale and guide you in moving forward. She will give you a tall tale quest book that will help in moving forward.

Finding the Sunken Black Pearl

You are going to find seven pages in the Sunken Pearl Quest Book. In the first five pages, a summary of the lore that takes us here is given.

You will find sketches on pages six and seven that will lead you to your destination. By looking at these maps, you can guess that you have to go to the southwest corner of the map. You can also spot the destination by blue light in the Horizon.

After reaching the destination you will find debris covered in coral. You will see a trail of debris if you dive below the surface which is going deeper. Follow the trail but be mindful of your oxygen. You can continue to breathe by going near the bubbles.

The Black Pearl Key

After finding the Black Pearl you might want to look around. You will see an opening here from where you can dive deeper and for that, you have to clear a path to get to the lower level.

You can catch your breath by moving to the bubbles floating between upper and lower grates. In the lower level, you might see the path blocked but you have to go to the piles of boxes on the left side which is blocking your path.

Press the button on the pop-up to “Move Debris”. In the next location, you have to check the blockage on the right here you have to move the debris, and moving the plank will permit you to move the cannon aside.

Now you have a clear path to go and find the Black Pearl Key in the crusty clutches of crawler.

Captain Jack’s Compass

Go back all the way back with the Black Pearl key and unlock the captain’s cabin. Inside the cabin, you will find an item glinting from the tabletop. Inspect it closely and you will find that it’s the Compass of the Jack. You have to pick it up and it will be quite useful in the mission.

It will always point towards the desired location and it will help you in completing the Tall Tale. This Compass is unique to your quest like the compasses in any other quest. This compass will be with you in your Quest Radial.

After equipping that compass you will go to the east by southeast direction. Here you will also find caverns in the tunnel walls.

Strange Awakenings

In the cavern, swim to the water surface which you will find a quite short swim. Here you will find a statue similar to the mermaid one. With this, you can go to the saved checkpoint or your ship.

Here you will notice glowing flora to the barrier’s right and to pass through it you have to activate it with your weapon. You can do it with a gun or a cutlass.

In the next step, you are not going to be in the water and go out on a fallen mast. Here you have to begin the journey through the Siren’s Spire. You must progress by solving the puzzles and fighting with new enemies.

Siren’s Spire

Crawler Fight

A bunch of ocean crawlers are summoned to attack you! Just defeat all of them and you are good to go. Dealing with them all drops a Siren heart. You’ll need this heart in the statue puzzles ahead.

Siren Statue Puzzle 1

You might have noticed four siren statues in the room. The Siren Heart belongs to one the smaller mermaid statues. Simply look for the prompt when “Return Siren Heart” popping up near one to find the correct statue.

You will see artwork on the wall with the proper trident positions. The statues here will be holding Coral, gem, and chains in their hands. So you can see in the picture as well all the statues are holding a trident along with the item in a specific position.

One is holding it in a low position other in middle and the last one is high. You have to interact with them and position them according to the picture you see on the wall. You can activate it with your weapon of choice.

After you have returned the siren heart and the position of the trident is according to the picture you have to use your weapon on the large statue in the center. If you have made some mistake you will hear the siren’s song.

But in case you have done it properly you will hear a rising note of the siren’s song with a choral response. After that a large stone face above will open the mouth and water will be poured into the cave and you reach the next level with the next siren puzzle.

Siren Statue Puzzle 2

This is just another level in the same cave in which you will be swimming back to use the same mermaid statues again. The difference is in this you will be using a craving to determine the trident’s actual position.

In this simply swim back and position all the tridents as high and hit the center statue with the weapon of your choice again. If you did it properly a geyser will appear beneath the craving on the second level.

Ride the geyser and get yourself ready for the boost. It will take you straight up to the third level of the puzzle

Now you have reached the top of the vaulted cave, but you are not alone here. The ocean crawlers also came out of the ground here. There will be two waves of them here this time. The final crawler you kill will drop a Siren heart just like previously.

Siren Statue Puzzle 3

Again, while solving the previous puzzle, you will find that the siren is missing a heart and the statue that will be missing the heart may be the Coral one. At this level, the Coral trident will be in a low position

The statue with the chains will have a trident in the middle position and the third one will have the trident in the high position. After all, the statues are positioned aim at the center big statue and if you have done it properly the water will flow from the stone head above. This will take you even higher.

On the higher level, you will get to the next bubble barrier and here you will see another transport statue. Another pulsing glow can be seen here you have to hit it with a weapon to pass through it.

Rewards and Commendations

Here are all the special goodies you can get when you complete the Sunken Pearl tall tale in Sea of Thieves.


Heart’s Desire: You have to recover the special item you were sent to find.

For the Crew: Kill the foes when attack without any hint.

Revenge of the Silver Blade: You have to take revenge on the fallen pirate group.

Deadly Chorus: Deal with an enemy below the waves.

Crew of Freedom: Release the ones with the freedom dream.

The Sunken Pearl: The Sunken Pearl tall tale need to be completed

Chest of Sorrow: The Chest of Everlasting sorrow needs to be found.

Tale of Eternal Sorrow: The truth of Sorrowful Encounters needs to be learned.

Pieces of Silver: The Journals of the Silver Blade’s Captain need to be discovered.

Pearl in the Dark: Legendary Commendation for completing all Commendations for ‘The Sunken Pearl.’


Revenge of the Silver Blade Cutlass: You have to earn the “The Sunken Pearl” Commendation to get this encrusted cutlass.

Revenge of the Silver Blade Capstan: You have to earn the “Pearl in the Dark” Commendation to get the crustacean-capped capstan.

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