How to Get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

Scarlet Ore is one of the rarest metals players can find in Core Keeper. The following guide will show where to find Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper.

How to get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

Scarlet Ore only becomes available during the endgame content and allows players to create Scarlet Bars that are needed to craft some of the best weapons in the game. That as well as being able to use Automation and to construct an Automation Table.

In order to find Scarlet Ore, you must first defeat the three world bosses in the game: Glurch, Ghorm, and The Hive Mother. They will each drop a gem that needs to be taken to the Core and put into their respective shrines—the shrines have the name of the boss on them.

Doing so will activate the Central Core to unlock the outer Azeos’ Wilderness biome. Head to the newly discovered wall and press E to gain access to the biome.

Azeos’ Wilderness is a green biome that is rich in Scarlet Ore. You can mine a lot of ore from its walls, as well as by looting enemies and bosses in the biome.

It is highly recommended to equip bronze-level armor and pickaxe before entering Azeos’ Wilderness. Also, remember to wear the best accessories suitable for improved mining strength.

Keep an eye out for shiny spots on the walls to mine Scarlet Ore. Collect as much as possible and take them back to your base. You can melt your Scarlet Ores to make a scarlet workbench. This way, you can craft items such as a scarlet pickaxe, scarlet sword, scarlet anvil, scarlet dagger, the Automation table, scarlet wall, scarlet fence, and more.

Scarlet Ore marks the beginning of the endgame stage of Core Keeper. You’ll need to craft the best equipment possible to survive this content.

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