Platinum Games Looking into Scalebound VR, Coming to PC?

Platinum Games is apparently looking into a Scalebound VR option, according to a Famitsu article that chronicled a fan tour of the studio on March 27 as a part of the studio’s tenth anniversary celebration.

The tour included various interviews with Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba, and a trip through the studio’s development floor. Here, the fans got to go into a Scalebound VR experience that had been put together by Platinum, using assets from the studio’s upcoming game Scalebound.

The VR segment allowed players to meet a dragon from the game in a dark cave, allowing them to take in the dragon’s model in three dimensions and virtual reality.

While Platinum doesn’t appear to have any plans to bring Scalebound over to the Playstation VR or any other virtual reality headset, the prospect of first-person VR dragon-riding is an awesome thing to want.

Another stop on the tour included a look at the Platinum Games entranceway, where a colorful carpet (complete with multicolored versions of Platinum’s trademark star) showed all of the other games that Platinum had released, including Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, both of the Bayonetta games, MadWorld, Vanquish, Max Anarchy, Anarchy Reigns, Infinite Space, and more.

For now, since Microsoft don’t have any plans for VR for Xbox One (although augmented reality is there), it could also mean that it could be for PC users. Or it could be for some other game? Share you views with us in the comments below.