Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound Story Synopsis Revealed by Platinum Games

Platinum Games has released new details about its upcoming Xbox One exclusive title Scalebound.

Platinum Games has released new details about its upcoming Xbox One exclusive title Scalebound.

The firm that is responsible for critically acclaimed titles such as Okami and Bayonetta has been working on a project for Microsoft’s current flagship console.

Up until now, almost nothing was known about Scalebound, but an update on their official website (in Japanese) gives an outline of the game’s general concept.

Of course, you’ll only be able to understand what it’s all about if you know Japanese. Here’s what Google tells us:

Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya invites of, and new adventure Tan “SCALEBOUND”. Yet the unseen to much of the earth. Danger to the full to the magnificent journey. Therefore, the encounter, the flock of formidable behemoth looming in front made ​​a earth tremor. And, Holy Beast of Zekkyo that can only compete with the overwhelming devastation, Dragon. “He” and your bond, it is what will be the last hope to survive this world.

If that wasn’t satisfactory, here is what Bing translation tells us:

New Odyssey invites the Director of Platinum games Kamiya Hideki, “SCALEBOUND”. Not yet seen far away. To a magnificent journey filled with risk. Discover where the rumbling and looming ago hordes of terrifying beasts come. And overwhelming violation then get Stipa 絶境 Holy beast, the Dragon. Last hope bond between he and you, this world to survive it–would be.

Yeah, it still doesn’t make perfect sense, but we’re expecting a full fantasy setup with Dragons and monsters, and it seems that your character and one specific dragon have some kind of bond.

Hopefully, additional information regarding Scalebound is revealed in the upcoming E3 event.

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