Salt and Sacrifice Por Myec Mage Hunt Guide

Salt and Sacrifice features a lot of mage bosses, and one of these is Por Myec, the Encroaching Rot. This guide will help you find and complete the Mage Hunt against Por Myec, The Encroaching Rot, in salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice Por Myec, The Encroaching Rot Location

To find Por Myec, you need to head to the Corvius’ Mire section of the game. Here, head inside the Darkearth Lair to find Por Myec.

To face and fight Por Myec, you need to head to the back of the lowest level of the cave. Here, you can find the teleporter that will take you to the Por Myec Mage Hunt.

How to Defeat Por Myec

Por Myec is a fungalmancer. He has the ability to use fungus and control it and Por Myec does it as much as he can during the fight. All of Poc Myec’s attacks deal Blight Buildup along with the massive damage it deals.

Por Myec has only four attacks that he will use during the fight. One of these is a basic staff smash, where Por Myec will lift his staff and hit you with a downward slash. You can easily dodge it.

The next two attacks we will list are the ones where you have to watch out for their massive blight buildup. The first is Fungal Spray; Por Myec will spray fungal mist, starting from his feet to the outward direction. You can avoid getting any blight buildup by walking or dashing to the other side of Por Myec before he can cast out the fungal mist.

You can attack from the other side without the fear of Blight buildup easily. This attack of Por Myec provides the second-best opening in the fight to attack the boss. Por Myec will be locked in the attack animation and won’t retaliate before he has completed his fungal mist spray and you can attack him as much as possible during this time.

The second blight building attack Por Myec uses causes mushrooms to grow out everywhere. These mushrooms act as proximity mines and will explode when you get close to them, dealing damage and blight buildup.

You can jump over these mushrooms if you have to cross over to the other side or wait for them to despawn.

The last attack to watch out for is where Por Myec spawns Fungal Sporelings to aid him in the fight. Por Myec will send out multiple flying mushroom-like creatures. These creatures will start moving around the arena randomly and they will explode on contact, dealing both damage and blight.

Though this attack seems troublesome, this attack provides you with the biggest opening to attack Por Myec when he is casting out his minions in the fight.

In the fight, both the Fungal Sprouts and Fungal Sporelings act as distractions rather than as actual attacks. Though they are easy to avoid, you need to beware of their damage and blight buildup in the fight.

Por Myec Rewards

After you have defeated Poc Myec, The Encroaching Rot in Salt and Sacrifice, you can talk to his dying human form to get some additional loot from the boss.

  • Moldy Heart
  • Morel Sac
  • Spore Bag
  • Puff Pod
  • Frospyr
  • Mosspyr
  • Salt
  • Silver
  • Guiltless Shard

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