Salt and Sacrifice Arzhan-Tin Mage Hunt Guide

This guide covers the Salt and Sacrifice Arzhan Tin The Ceaseless Fury mage hunt. We will discuss how to defeat him and the rewards he drops.

Salt and Sacrifice is a 2D RPG game where you play as an Inquisitor, roam the Western Frontiers, and hunt down the mages roaming the land. This guide will cover the Salt and Sacrifice Arzhan Tin, The Ceaseless Fury mage hunt. We will tell you where to find him, how to defeat him, and what rewards he drops.

Salt and Sacrifice Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury Location

Arzhan-Tin is a multiple-phase boss. You will find him first east of the gatehouse in Ashbourne Village. When the mage hunt begins, he will teleport forward, summoning a couple of mobs for you to deal with. After you have dealt with the mob, keep moving forward.

You will encounter him a couple of times during the mage hunt. He will just summon enemies and keep teleporting away.

When you finally reach close to the upper level of Greymoss Mire, you will notice that the background sound will change. That’s when you will fight Arzhan-Tin.

How to Defeat Arzhan-Tin

During the boss fight against Arzhan-Tin, he will summon these enemies whenever he teleports away,

  • Ashwalker
  • Burnt Skallin
  • Embered Sickle
  • Sootwalker

Arzhan-Tin is a Pyromancer, so he will have Fire elemental affinity and mostly cast Flaming spells and attacks. Most of his spells are slow and take time to cast, so they will be easy to dodge. However, you need to maintain your distance from the boss.

Arzhan-Tin casts the Fire Stream spell, which spreads to the direction he is casting at. It is a long-range attack that can be hard to dodge, but he will cast it only in one direction at a time, so you can just run to his other side to completely dodge the attack and land a couple of hits on him.

If you get too close to Arzhan-Tin, he will cast Flaming Sword, a fast-paced attack. It can be dodged pretty easily if you time your dodges correctly.

Arzhan-Tin then casts Flaming Orbs. These are the 5 slow-moving orbs that rotate as they float toward you. Time your dodge correctly to dodge between them.

The Final attack Arzhan-Tin does is the Flame Geysers. It is an AOE spell which hard to dodge at some points, but this can be your chance to deal proper damage to the boss. It’s a slow cast spell that gives you enough time to deal damage and escape unscathed. Time most of your dodges correctly and deal damage during the casting phase. This way, you can defeat Arzhan-Tin easily.

Rewards for Arzhan-Tin, The Ceaseless Fury

After you have defeated Arzhan-Tin, you will engage in some dialogues with him. After you are done with the dialogues, you see him vanish before and reward you with the following:

  • Burning Heart
  • Ash-Caked Lung
  • Gel Sac
  • Sooted Nail
  • Blazepyr

Afterward, return to the Talking Tree to complete the Salt and Sacrifice Arzhan Tin Mage Hunt.

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