Saints Row Wuzyerz Repo Missions and Location

This guide will walk you through the venture: Wuzyerz Repo in Saints Row and help complete its missions.

Saints Row Reboot has a total of 15 Ventures that can help you generate passive income and have their own questline and Venture Missions. One such venture is Wuzyerz Repo where you are required to provide Repossession services. You basically have to drive to the marked items in a tow truck, attach yourself to whatever it is, and drive it back to the Repo. This guide will walk you through the venture: Wuzyerz Repo in Saints Row and help complete its missions.

How to Unlock Wuzyerz Repo Missions

Once you reach Criminal Empire Rank 2, the Wuzyerz Repo venture becomes available. You can choose to place the venture in any of the 15 inner-city districts. Wuzyerz Repo will set you back $100,000 regardless of where you put it.

To advance to the Criminal Empire Rank 2, simply complete the main story mission Drawing Heat. You’ll be able to access the Wuzyerz Repo once you’ve gotten over it.

Saints Row Wuzyerz Repo Missions and Locations

The Wuzyerz Repo is a Tier-2 tow trucking criminal venture in Saints Row. This business operates more like a criminal repossession operation, bringing in items for shady clients.

To begin Repo missions in Saints Row Reboot, enter the towing truck at the venture, which is parked directly in the venture’s yard. Then, drive to the purple map icons on the map that can be filtered by “Venture” to find the objects to tow back to the venture.

Your only goal is to return the towed object to the venture in one piece. There are several locations to go around to pick up items from and return them back to be repossessed. These include:

  • Bank vault
  • Speedboat
  • Weapon repossession
  • Weapon repossession II
  • Engine
  • Fire engine
  • Fireworks

Apart from the aforementioned items, if you eliminate the five threats in the district, you’ll get an additional bonus as well.

Once you’re near an item, you’ll have to repossess it in the tow truck. Here’s precisely how to do it:

To begin, hit the shoulder button on your controller for the towing guide. Next up, when the guide turns green, attach the cable. Once done, drive back to the Wuzyerz Repo center on your map.


When you’re done with all of the items, head back to the Wuzyerz Repo center and collect the following rewards from the manager.

  • 5000 XP
  • $30,000
  • Wuzyerz Crew Outfits
  • Wuzyerz Thompson
  • Wuzyerz Tow Truck
  • The Miami Vehicle
  • Wuzyerz Repo Yard (Collectible)
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