Saints Row The Third Weapons Guide

Get all the information you need about weapons in Saints Row the Third and how to acquire them in your quest to rule over Steelport

To conquer Steelport and take the disputed territory in your control, you will need an arsenal of weapons that no one has heard or seen before. With these signature Saints Row The Third weapons, you can defeat any foe and force them to beg you for mercy and cause mayhem in the streets of Steelport. Whether its a gun or a melee weapon, we have the complete arsenal available in Saints Row The Third.

Saints Row The Third Weapons

In this guide, you will find everything you will need to learn about the weapons in Saints Row: The Third, which will help you dominate the streets and make Saints the ultimate gang of the city.

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45 Shepherd ($100)
It’s a weapon of choice for the Saints.

  • 45 Shepherd LVL 2 ($100) – The Pistol fire rate will be increased with this upgrade.
  • 45 Shepherd LVL 3 ($10,000) – It will increase the ammo capacity of the pistol.
  • 45 Shepherd LVL 4 ($20,000) – This upgrade will make your bullets explode on impact.

KA-1 Kobra ($100)
This weapon will help you get out from tough situations when you are in trouble.

  • KA-1 Kobra LVL 2 ($100) – This upgrade will increase the clip size.
  • KA -1 Kobra LVL 3 ($10,000) – This level upgrade will add a suppressor which will reduce the recoil and increase the damage.
  • KA-1 Kobra LVL 4 ($20,000) – It allows laser sights which increases hip-fire accuracy and adds armor-piercing rounds.

Laser Pistol DLC
This weapon is unlocked during the Hangar 18 ½ mission and you receive the Pew! Pew! Pew! Achievement after killing at least 35 opponents with this weapon

Submachine Guns

D4TH Blossom ($5,000)
The D4TH Blossom fires rounds of Higher quality in extremely quick succession than the Tek Z-10.

  • D4TH Blossom LVL 2 ($7,500) – It will increase the clip size which helps when the gun is spewing out multiple bullets.
  • D4TH Blossom LVL 3 ($15,000) – This upgrade increases the rate of fire making it more appealing.
  • D4TH Blossom LVL 4 ($30,000) – It’ll give you armor-piercing rounds which you can use to take out heavy armored foes.

Cyber SMG ($100,000)
It is a working model of the Decker SMG from Decker User-Net. You can add this to your collection after mission 38.

Tek Z-10 ($5,000)
If you’re packing heat on the streets, this is what most will be carrying.

  • Tek Z-10 LVL 2 ($7,500) – Upgraded version will add in red dot sight and increase the clip size.
  • Tek Z-10 LVL 3 ($10,000) – This update adds a suppressor which reduces recoil and increases damage.
  • Tek Z-10 LVL 4 ($20,000) – Laser sight added for increased accuracy and incendiary ammo will surely start some fires.

Auto Laser
Auto Laser is an SMG weapon that unlocks during the Hangar 18 ½ mission. This weapon is a Rapid-Fire Weapon of The Space Amazon Veterans


Grave Digger ($10,000)
It is a Classic weapon for the Saints which can pack some serious punch when brought in use.

  • Grave Digger LVL 2 ($10,000) – It increases the ammo capacity and adds a second barrel for some more fun.
  • Grave Digger LVL 3 ($20,000) – It can offer the ultimate carnage by adding a third barrel and increasing the clip size.
  • Grave Digger LVL 4 ($40,000) – Upgrade your ammo capacity to the maximum and add incendiary ammo.

S3X Hammer ($20,000)
It is a STAG’s version of a shotgun which is only available after mission 31.It doesn’t have any reload time but can overheat.

  • S3X Hammer LVL 2 ($20,000) – Adds a red dot sight, increase the rate of fire and damage with the clip size as well.
  • S3X Hammer LVL 3 ($40,000) – Increases rate of fire and damage.
  • S3X Hammer LVL 4 ($80,000) – Increases damage as well as the rate of fire again.

AS3 Ultimax ($10,000)
It packs a powerful punch and is used by the cops in Steelport.

  • AS3 Ultimax LVL 2 ($10,000) – It’ll increase clip size, rate of fire,damage and adds a red dot sight.
  • AS3 Ultimax LVL 3 ($20,000) – Increase the clip size, rate of fire, damage and add an iron sight for accuracy.
  • AS3 Ultimax LVL 4 ($40,000) – It allows to increase the clip size and rate of fire,adding a laser sight to improve hip-fire accuracy.

This weapon comes as a part of the Shark Attack Pack. It can temporarily cause the opponent to panic, once shot.

Bling Shotgun
This weapon gives the holder 20 extra Respect from each Gang Kill. It can be acquired after buying the Z Style Pack


AR-55 ($10,000)
It is available after mission 13 and is highly accurate.

  • AR-55 LVL 2 ($10,000) – Increase the burst size with this upgrade.
  • AR-55 LVL 3 ($20,000) – Increase the clip size with this upgrade.
  • AR-55 LVL 4 ($40,000) – Decrease the recoil by adding a heavy barrel and add a sniper scope for accuracy.

STAG Rifle / Viper Laser Rifle ($20,000)
The STAG Rifle uses laser technology with no reloading but can overheat.

  • STAG Rifle LVL 2 ($20,000) – Increase your rate of fire and adds a tech sight for better accuracy.
  • STAG Rifle LVL 3 ($40,000) – Improve the rate of fire and extend the barrel to balance recoil.
  • STAG Rifle LVL 4 ($80,000) – Increase your rate of fire again, and extends the barrel to reduce the recoil.

K-8 Krukov ($10,000)
It is an assault rifle which is available after Mission 13.

  • K-8 Krukov LVL 2 ($10,000) – Adds a red dot sight and increases the damage.
  • K-8 Krukov LVL 3 ($20,000) – This upgrade increases rate of fire and clip size.
  • K-8 Krukov LVL 4 ($40,000) – It modifies the gun which increases the clip size, and increases the speed and distance of attached grenade launcher.

This weapon is an automatic Rifle that can shoot at a 500 yards range. Mostly used for headshots


Explosive Grenade ($80)
The standard grenade in any game.

  • Explosive Grenade LVL 2 ($5,000) – Increases the area of damage.
  • Explosive Grenade LVL 3 ($10,000) – Increases the ability to throw it further.
  • Explosive Grenade LVL 4 ($20,000) – Improves the damage.

Electric Grenades ($100)
It can stun enemies and cause some electrical damage.

  • Electric Grenades LVL 2 ($5,000) – It improves the area of damage.
  • Electric Grenades LVL 3 ($10,000) – You can throw it further.
  • Electric Grenades LVL 4 ($20,000) – It will act like a sticky grenade which will stick to whatever it hits before detonating.

Molotov ($50)
The flaming bottle used in most of the messed up situations.

  • Molotov LVL 2 ($5,000) – Increase the area of damage
  • Molotov LVL 3 ($10,000) – Increase the range of throwing it further.
  • MolotovLVL 4 ($20,000) – Increases Damage.

Flashbang ($50)
It will stun your enemies and make them deaf for sometime.

  • Flashbang LVL 2 ($5,000) – The effect will spread to a large area.
  • Flashbang LVL 3 ($10,000) – Increase the ability to through it further.
  • Flashbang LVL 4 ($20,000) – Fart in a jar causes laughs, but also danger.


Satchel Charge
It is only available after mission 39 which can be stuck to anything and detonated remotely.

  • Satchel Charge LVL 2 ($10,000) – It will increase the capacity to carry more charges.
  • Satchel Charge LVL 3 ($20,000) – Adds more capacity to carry more charges.
  • Satchel Charge LVL 4 ($40,000) – Allows you to carry even more charges.

Annihilator ($15,000)
If you want things to get super explosive, then this is right RPG to do it! which fires out rockets and gives you incredible explosions.

  • Annihilator LVL 2 ($15,000) – Increase the damage.
  • Annihilator LVL 3 ($30,000) – Increase the damage even more
  • Annihilator LVL 4 ($60,000) – Add an advanced targeting system that will allow you to lock onto enemies, and new laser guided rockets!

Mollusk Launcher
Level 1 (DLC) – Singing, exploding, cuddly, mind-controlling, these are all the abilities possessed by this single Explosive. Since it’s a DLC therefore not many players use this weapon.

Melee Weapons

Baseball Bat ($250)
This bat is big and packs up a lot of damage when used to take out the bad guys.

  • Baseball Bat LVL 2 ($2,500) – Add some nails to the baseball bat and make the pain never go away.

The Penetrator ($500)
This lengthy sex toy (dildo) can inflict some serious damage and is the best we have ever seen…..

Nocturne ($50,000)
You can unlock it after completing mission 38 which is a signature sword used by the Decker’s gang.

Woodsman ($100,000)
How about chainsaws on the streets of Steelport which can be Unlocked after mission 44.

This is unlocked after mission 44 packs the kick of a Rhino into a set of gloves.

Stungun ($10,000)
Take out your enemies quickly without showing any mercy. A hit with the stungun will give them a jolt they’ll never forget.

Saints Flow
An energy drink manufactured by the 3rd Street Saints that gives you special abilities; Super Sprint, Invincibility and Telepathy

Special Weapons

Cyber Buster
Unlocked after completing mission 38 which is a working arm cannon from Decker User-Net

Sonic Boom
Available after mission 4, this allows you to focus sound waves to knock down anything in your path.

Reaper Drone Missile
Available after mission 3, this will allow you to control a missile from the air down to a target below.

  • Reaper Drone Missile LVL 2 ($30,000) – Allows you to carry more missiles.
  • Reaper Drone Missile LVL 3 ($60,000) – Allows you to increase the missile-carrying capacity.
  • Reaper Drone Missile LVL 4 ($120,000) Increase the capacity to the maximum.

McManus 2015 Sniper ($25,000)
Unlocked after mission 6 and can be used for long-ranged killings.

  • McManus 2015 Sniper LVL 2 ($50,000) Increases ammo capacity.
  • McManus 2015 Sniper LVL 3 ($100,000) Increases ammo capacity, adds a bipod and reduce the recoil.
  • McManus 2015 Sniper LVL 4 ($200,000) Increases ammo capacity, extended barrel that increases damage and reduces the recoil for more accuracy.

SA-3 Airstrike
After mission 34 you can use a laser to paint a target, and then enjoy the fireworks.

  • SA-3 Airstrike LVL 2 ($50,000) Laser paints target faster, holds more ammo.
  • SA-3 Airstrike LVL 3 ($100,000) Targets the enemy faster and holds more ammo.
  • SA-3 Airstrike LVL 4 ($200,000) Targets even faster and holds maximum ammo.

RC Possessor
Available after mission 13, this will allow you control a full-sized car just like you would control an RC car.

  • RC Possessor LVL 2 ($15,000) Increase the ammo capacity.
  • RC Possessor LVL 3 ($30,000) It’ll Detonate the vehicle you are controlling.
  • RC Possessor LVL 4 ($60,000) It Allows you to control military vehicles.

Top Five Guns of Saints Row: The Third

These are the top five must-have guns in Saints Row: The Third.

The Annihilator
This Super RPG has four levels of upgrades that can almost make it an indestructible monster with a lock-on system as well as laser guided rockets. It is expensive but worth it. It can cause massive mayhem in the streets of Steelport.

Reaper Drone
It’s not one of the drones used in the Modern Warfare series. It’s just a group of missiles that the player can remotely control to strike the targets, which makes it very effective and destructive. The player can upgrade it to the max to rain lots of missiles which won’t be pleasing for the opponent to handle.

Shock Hammer
This Rocket tipped hammer can send enemies flying miles into the distance. It will make you feel like a god as all the power comes to your palm and its up to you on how you handle it.

RC Possessor
The possibilities of controlling any vehicle using an RC can be endless. You can actually drive any vehicle using the RC and detonate it. On upgrading you can also use the RC for military vehicles.

The Penetrator
This huge dildo will be the biggest melee weapon that you will see in any game. You might think of it as a baseball bat but oh! it’s more than that. It can make people beg for mercy in the alleys of Steelport.

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