Saints Row Shady Oaks Missions and Locations

This guide will show you how to unlock the Shady Oaks Mission and its location in Saints Row so you can commit Insurance Fraud.

In Saints Row (Reboot), you’ll definitely want to resort to Insurance Fraud since it has been the most popular in Saints Row franchise history. However, to access it, you’ll need to unlock the Shady Oaks venture. This guide will show you how to unlock the Shady Oaks Mission and its location in Saints Row.

How to Unlock Insurance Fraud Missions

In Saints Row 2022, you’ll want to complete Shady Oaks Missions because they can net you a decent amount of money and help you grow your criminal empire significantly.

Shady Oaks missions will not be available right away; instead, you will need to progress through the game to unlock them. Unlocking the Insurance Fraud Mini-game in Saints Row is actually pretty simple and can be unlocked fairly early on in the game.

As you progress through the early stages of the game, you’ll eventually come across a mission called Networking where you’ll have to persuade a local garage owner Jim Rob (JR) to join your criminal empire.

JR agrees to join the Saints as long as you help him deal with the Panteros gang members who’ve been causing him trouble. Without hesitation, he’ll take you to a local park occupied by some Panteros members and you’ll have to end their miserable lives.

That’s not all the killing though, you’ll next head over to a train depot and eliminate some more Panteros members and blow up black market auto parts. Next, you’ll come back to the garage and eliminate yet another group of gangsters.

Once all that’s done, JR will agree to work with the Saints. From that point on, it’s a simple process to start unlocking the Insurance Fraud mini-game.

All you have to do then is to head over to the Saints Headquarters. Once there, a cut-scene will appear and you’ll be introduced to the Criminal Empire Table which makes you choose a location to build your enterprise.

Simply select Shady Oaks from the options available and start building it.

Saints Row Shady Oaks Missions and Locations

The Shady Oaks venture can be placed anywhere on the map in Saints Row Reboot. However, if Shady Oaks is your first venture, it’s your lucky day, it’ll be free of cost; otherwise, it will cost you $30,000 to build it in Santo Illeso.

The venture quest feature in Shady Oaks is Insurance Fraud. For insurance frauds in Saints Row Reboot, you are required to throw yourself out in front of traffic, and the more damage you sustain, the more money you receive. Simple as that!

You must complete six mandatory missions and one bonus mission in Shady Oaks. The six mandatory missions require you to commit insurance fraud, while the bonus mission requires you to defeat five threats in the Shady Oaks territory, which is fairly simple.

When it comes to insurance fraud, you need to commit the first one in Lakeshore territory located in the northwest region of the map. The missions will be indicated by purple icons on the map throughout Santo Illeso.

Here’s a list of all six locations where you’re required to commit insurance fraud.

  • Lakeshore
  • Marina del Lago
  • Old Town West
  • El Dorado
  • Provedincia
  • East Flats


Once you have committed insurance fraud in all six locations, return to the Shady Oaks building and talk to Tamira. There, you’ll gain the ability to call her at any location in the city in Saints Row Reboot. Once she is at the location, you can commit insurance fraud for 5 minutes to earn some easy money.

Aside from that, you’ll receive the following rewards for completing all the Insurance Fraud missions in Saints Row Reboot.

  • Cash $30.000
  • XP 5000
  • Shady Oaks Crew Outfits
  • Roadkill Responder vehicle
  • Scrubs, Shady Oaks
  • Lab Coat
  • Shady Oaks outfit
  • Crutch weapon decal
  • Guitar Case Launcher
  • Shady Oaks sign collectible location.
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