Saints Row Discoveries: Photo Hunt Locations

In this guide, we’ll be showing all Photo Hunt Locations in the Saints Row Reboot so that you can easily complete this discovery activity.

Photo Hunt is one of the many Discovery Activities you can complete in Saints Row. Upon clicking all the required pictures in different locations on the map, you’ll complete this Activity and will unlock the Tourist trophy and achievement.

In this guide, we’ll be showing all Photo Hunt Locations in the Saints Row Reboot. There are 43 Photo Hunt Locations in the game. With each location found in a specific district rewarding you with additional EXP upon their collection.

Once you’ve found the locations, take out your camera and zoom in a bit till the borders turn green indicating that it’s a perfect frame. Once the frame is fit, simply press the D-pad upwards to take a picture and collect the item.

Photo Hunt #1: Snake Oil Saloon Sign

The Snake Oil Saloon sign is right beside the borders of Old Town East near the Rojas Desert North.

Photo Hunt #2: Thunderpump Sign

The second photo hunt location is inside a gas station in the middle of Rojas Island.

Photo Hunt #3: Bison Memorial

While heading out for Desert Devil, you will find Bison Memorial in a parking lot.

Photo Hunt #4: Tombstone Angel

When you’re in the Rojas Desert South, you will find only one photo hunt location right in front of a small graveyard.

Photo Hunt #5: Rock 66

Besides the Tower of Love in Badlands South, west of Kavanagh County Territory, you will find the Rock 66.

Photo Hunt #6: Badlands Windmill

The Badlands Windmill is right beside a small pond in the middle of Badlands South.

Photo Hunt #7: House Phoenix Dragon

Make your way to the old fort of House Phoenix, you will find a photo hunt location in Saints Row.

Photo Hunt #8: Badlands Watering Hole

Head towards the rocky mountains on the northern region of Badlands to get to the watering hole.

Photo Hunt #9: The Solar Wind

On the northern side of Lakeshore, you will find the MoNIKA building, which holds this odd tilted statue.

Photo Hunt #10: The Coyote Rodeo

Outside the CTG Plaza in Lakeshore North, you will find Coyote Rodeo statue surrounded by buildings.

Photo Hunt #11: Dare Street Studios

The Dare Street Studios is a small building with yellow and blue distinct roof in the southern side of Lakeshore.

Photo Hunt #12: Lariat Plaza Cowboy

Head to the Lariat Plaza, you will find a horseshoe cowboy sculpture in the middle of the road besides Meyer/Bishop Capital building in the Lakeshore South region.

Photo Hunt #13: The Third Pillar

You see five pillars guarding a large cactus in the middle of the park in the Lakeshore South region, take picture of the middle pillar.

Photo Hunt #14: Bowling Pin

Go to The Joy of Bowling in West Flats and take a picture of the three giant bowling pins on the top bowling alley building.

Photo Hunt #15: Old Railroad Water Tower

Go to windmills area in the desert in the West Flats, you will find the old water tank there.

Photo Hunt #16: FB’s Burger

On the East Flats side, go to the FB’s Burger outlet and take picture of the giant burger on top.

Photo Hunt #17: Smelters Helmet

Head outside the Smelterdome in East Flags, this is where you will find the large helmet sculpture.

Photo Hunt #18: Jackpot Wedding Chapel

In the northern area of Marshal Territory right across Smelterville West to the south of Mercado bridge, you will find heart-shaped jackpot wedding sign right outside a chapel in El Dorado.

Photo Hunt #19: 10 Gallon Saloon Sign

Head to the Poseidon’s Palace in El Dorado and take picture of the hat sign on top of the building.

Photo Hunt #20: Boomers Sign

Outside the Boomers short-fuse firework factory in Smelterville East, you will find your photo hunt location in Saints Row.

Photo Hunt #21: Flaming Hot Billboard

Head inside flaming hot panther juice factory and take picture of the hot sauce billboard in the Smelterville East region.

Photo Hunt #22: Milk Carton

Right above the milk factory in Smelterville West, you will find a photo hunt marker to click.

Photo Hunt #23: Joe Cola Bottle Cap

Near the entrance of Joe Cola Factory in the Smelterville West region, you will see the giant bottle cap sculpture.

Photo Hunt #24: Jackalope

Head to the La Bodega Store in Mercado and you will find Jackalope on its roof.

Photo Hunt #25: 66 West On-Ramp Mural

You will find the 66 west on-ramp Mural on the wall of ramp facing the Sabastian Lake in Mercado.

Photo Hunt #26: Rattle Snake

Make your way to the Panther Rock in West Providencia, you will find rattle snake painted on an orange walled building near the helicopter.

Photo Hunt #27: Skate Park Grind Rail

You will find the Skate Park Grind Rail in the park under the 66-interchange route in West Providencia.

Photo Hunt #28: Memorial Wall

You will find the memorial wall in front of the Providencia Cemetery.

Photo Hunt #29: The Barbeque Barn

In the South side of Memorial Wall, you will find the Barbeque Barn next to a small windmill.

Photo Hunt #30: Rock Duet

While out in the Old Town East, you will find two rocks laying close to one another.

Photo Hunt #31: Seal of the City of Santo Ileso

Right in the middle of the city above waypoint, you will find the seal on the ground.

Photo Hunt #32: Mad Cow Sign

In the building next to the waypoint, you will find the mad cow sign on the rooftop.

Photo Hunt #33: Monte Vista Market Sign

Head to the Lemoneedle Store to get to the Monte Vista market sign.

Photo Hunt #34: The Messenger

On the eastern side, you will come across the HI-HI chicken and toast restaurant, next to that you will find a wall painting of a girl.

Photo Hunt #35: Cactus Mural

You will find the Cactus Mural painted on the second floor of building leading to waypoint.

Photo Hunt #36: SAD Campus Sign

You will find the SAD campus sign near the bridge connecting Lakeshore North and Marina West.

Photo Hunt #37: La Galleria Fountain

You will find the fountain inside the Viaje Del Paranaso plaza.

Photo Hunt #38: Twin Coyotes

Head outside the shooting gallery, and you will find the two towering metal coyotes in the Rojas Desert North.

Photo Hunt #39: Lone Wolf

This fast travel point is available outside the Lone Wolf Motel in the Badlands South.

Photo Hunt #40: Cactus Bill

While in the South Lakeshore, you will find the Cactus Bill outside a park.

Photo Hunt #41: El Dorado Board

When you enter El Dorado, click the picture of the welcoming arch as it serves as a fast travel point.

Photo Hunt #42: Panther Rock

On the northeast side of JimRob’s Garage in West Providencia, you will find the large panther rock formation.

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