Saints Row Loyalty Missions Guide

This guide will go over the loyalty missions for every crew member in Saints Row Reboot what you have to do in them.

Just raising the status of your gang by earning money and looting the banks all around the city isn’t enough. What every crew need is loyalty. Nothing is more important than loyalty in a crew, and to build up loyalty, you need to complete the loyalty missions in Saints Row Reboot to build up your crew and get them closer than they are already.

How to Complete All Loyalty Missions in Saints Row

Though Loyalty Missions of Saints Row Reboot are not the main story missions, they do play an important role in the overall game. This allows you to get the back stories of all the characters and help you relate to them and get to know them better. In return, you can improve their abilities and help them overcome their weaknesses.

There are seven loyalty missions to complete for your crew members in Saints Row 2022 in total.

Shootin’ the Shit

This loyalty mission is for Eli. Eli lacks any skills with a weapon and is the least confident in a fight. Our task is to help him learn how to hold and use a gun. This will help Eli stand his ground in fights against rival gangs.

The Fast and the Foodiest

This loyalty mission is for Kevin. Kevin has a hampering for a Mechaburger and he wants the toy that comes with it. Your job is to ride around Santo Illeso to look for the toy, and while you are at it, you can also destroy a few idols around the town.

Art Appreciation

This loyalty mission is for Neenah. Neenah wants to get into artwork and she isn’t very good at doing art, so you go around the town with Neenah to steal some pieces of Art so Neenah can make a name for herself.

Idol Hands

Remember when you went out with Kevin and destroyed the Idols? well, they are stealing your packages and it’s time to make them pay. You will ride out with Kevin again, and get rid of them.

The Dustmoot

This is the second Loyalty mission for Eli, where you head out with Eli for a hearted session of LARPing.

The Rod Warrior

You need to continue LARPing to get the Dust Crown in your efforts to build Castle Kraken.

Unto the Breach

This is the final stage of Castle Kraken’s dominance. Again, your job is to continue LARPing until you take the mantle of the true champion.

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