Saints Row JimRob’s Garage Missions and Location

This Saints Row Reboot guide will walk you through JimRob’s Garage Missions and their locations.

Saints Row is all about going from bottom to top and having your gang have a proper flow of income. Well, not in the most conventional ways, given that you’re a gang member. There are a total of fifteen Criminal Ventures that you can participate in, and JimRob’s Garage is one of them. This Saints Row guide will walk you through JimRob’s Garage Missions and their locations. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to Unlock JimRob’s Garage Missions

JimRob’s Garage is a Tier 0 Venture and will be one of the many missions you’ll tackle once you start the Criminal Venture journey in Saints Row. Building this Venture entails you stealing ten vehicles for JimRob and bringing them back to his garage.

In order to unlock JimRob’s Garage, players must first ensure they have completed the 12th main mission called A Piece of the Action. The price for setting up this business is $0, and its initial income is $1000 per hour, while the maximum income can get as high as $3000 per hour.

Saints Row JimRob’s Garage Missions and Location

Once you’ve started the mission, make your way to JimRob behind his garage and interact. He will ask you to get him ten vehicles you can find by switching to the current Venture and heading to the game map. These will be marked with purple spots.

Vehicle #1, named the Hammerhead, will spawn right in front of the garage once you have done talking to JimRob. Grab it with a double Sideswipe and deal with the enemies on your way back. The same pattern will follow for the next nine vehicles too.

Just remember this area will also have threats around so you must take care of them. You’ll face all types of police, gangs, and property that you will have to defeat, destroy, and vandalize. We highly recommend you take care of these threats during your missions as they help you increase your income dramatically.


The rest of the Vehicles will be found in the following locations

  • Vehicle #2 (Desert Devil): Rojas Desert North
  • Vehicle #3 (Attrazione): Marina West
  • Vehicle #4 (Lucky Number Seven): El Dorado
  • Vehicle #5 (Courser): Rojas Desert South
  • Vehicle #6 (Monster Truck): Rojas Desert South
  • Vehicle #7 (Crisis): East Flats
  • Vehicle #8 (Fer De Lance): Monte Vista
  • Vehicle #9 (Phoenix): Badlands North
  • Vehicle #10 (Marshall APC): Badlands North

Once done stealing, go back to JimRob and talk to him again. Upon mission completion, you’ll receive: JimRob’s Crew Outfits, JimRob’s Attrazione, Vehicle Delivery Ability, JimRob Statue,  5000XP, and $30,000.

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