Saints Row Idol Collective Members Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll walk you through what is the Idol Cult and the locations of all Idol Collective Members in Saints Row Reboot.

Saints Row is jam-packed with numerous main story missions, ventures, and side quests. One of the missions you’re required to do is find all of the members of the Idol Cult and defeat them. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what is the Idol Cult and the locations of all Idol Collective Members in Saints Row Reboot. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Saints Row Idol Collective Members Locations

In Saints Row Reboot, Idols are an anarchist cult that aims to bring down the whole system of the world by instigating violence. Nobody knows who they are; their identities are always hidden behind their faceplates. There are a total of 6 Idol Cult Members that were previously linked to Kevin.

You will have to face these special enemies, and they can’t be missed. You can keep track of all of these members by opting for the ‘The Collective’ mission on your phone. Go to ‘Missions’ and press R1/RB for ‘Challenges.’ Once that’s done, simply select ‘The Collective’ to start the mission.

Remember, this main mission will only be unlocked once you’ve completed the following main missions; ‘The Networking,’ ‘Neenah’s Car,’ ‘The Dustmoot,’ and ‘Aggressive Recruiting.’

As mentioned above, Idol Collective Members in SR Reboot are hard to miss, and the first four are easily found as they get unlocked automatically. Following are the locations of all 6 Idol Collective Members in Saints Row 2022.

1st Idol Collective Member Location

You’ll find the first Idol Collective Member when you begin the Be Your Own Boss mission. It requires you to do a series of tasks, including moping the Kitchen, Finding Food, Toasting Waffles, Flopping on the Couch, and finally going to the Idol’s party.

Once you make your way there, a cutscene will be triggered where you’ll be outside the apartment with Neenah, and you’re required to get a vehicle to make your way to the party that’s at the La Playa in Marina West.

As you do that, you’ll find that Kevin and Eli are in danger, and you’re required to rescue them. Here you’ll shoot any idols approaching you and get rid of them. A cutscene will trigger again when you walk toward your friends, and finally, you’ll encounter the Idol Collective Member that needs to be defeated.

2nd Idol Collective Member Location

The second Idol Collective Member in Saints Row Reboot can be found by starting the Idol Threat mission.

As soon you begin the mission, it will start with the cutscene, where it establishes that it’s telenovela night, and you call Kevin over. Right after that, the next scene will follow up, where Kevin is seen leaving his gym place but is attacked by Idols and a Collective Member.

The scene then follows with you waking up and talking to Eli, investigating the whereabouts of Kevin. The initial assumptions land on him crashing the night at an ex’s place but soon, you spot his inhaler, and that is when you and Eli decide to make sure he’s safe.

From here onwards, you’re required t do multiple tasks, such as visiting the  Snake Oil Saloon, Answering Kevin’s Phone, Wrecking the Idols’ Camp, Going Up the Santo Ileso Sign, Crashing the Party, and finally Killing Idols and Idols Collective Member.

Toward the end of this mission, the second Idol Collective Member will come down from a helicopter, and you will have to shoot him and bring his health bar down.

3rd and 4th Idol Collective Member Locations

You will find the next two Idols by starting the Going Overboard mission. The mission requires you to visit the Church for a board meeting with Eli, Kevin, and Neenah.

It requires you to do a series of tasks that includes going to the Boathouse, Fighting your way through the Vault, Approaching Codex, Fighting your Way to Exit the Vault, Ride a Jetski to the Yacht, Go to the Real Codex, Disarm and Rearm the Bomb and finally Defeating the two Idol Collective Members.

You will meet a bunch of Idols and two Idol Collective Members on the rooftop that you will have to fight.

5th Idol Collective Member Location

Your fifth Idol Collective Member will be encountered in the form of a threat. For this, you have to build a Venture in Old Town West.

It doesn’t matter what Venture you decide to build; the Idol Collective Member will appear as a threat to the district that you will have to get rid of by shooting and draining the health pool.

6th Idol Collective Member Location

The sixth and final Idol Collective Member will be found when beginning the Wanted Job Litterbugs.

You can start it by using your phone and going to the ‘Wanted App.’ It unlocks automatically as you make it farther into the game campaign.

The whole job revolves around you killing the Idol Collective member; that’s why you can’t really miss it or compromise on your performance.

You’ll be given pointers leading you to the Rojas Desert, where you first have to fight a bunch of Idols in the north and south of the region. The first group will be towards the park trails, and the second group will be next to a  Thompson helicopter. The remaining idols will be nearby the river.

One by one, following the instruction of your client, you’ll be dealing with all the idols in the area until you meet the Idol Collective Member.

He’ll drive towards you from the south road, and you will have to kill him by shooting or launching a rocket.

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