Saints Row Chalupacabra Missions and Location

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Chalupacabra Missions of Saints Row Reboot and all locations for it.

If you’ve started your journey in Saints Row, you may already be aware of how important it is to keep a stable income for your gang, and one of the ways to do so is to complete all Criminal Ventures successfully. One of the early Ventures that can help you earn money is the Chalupacabra Missions. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Chalupacabra Missions of Saints Row Reboot and all locations for it. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to Unlock Chalupacabra Missions

Building the Chalupacabra Venture in SR Reboot entails entering the drug distribution market in Santo Illeso, getting the word out about your services before your competitors, and flourishing your business.

In order to unlock the Chalupacabra in Saints Row Reboot, players will first have to make sure they have completed the Networking mission. The price for setting up this business is $ 30,000, and its initial income is $1250 per hour, while the maximum income can get as high as $3750 per hour. In this Venture, your main task will be delivering drugs to your multiple buyers disguised in a food truck.

Saints Row Chalupacabra Missions and Location

Although the idea seems smart and original, you are not the only one in the drug business that came up with that. That means you have competition, and you better execute your missions quickly.

There are a total of 5 tasks that you must get completed in the Chalupacabra Criminal Venture in Saints Row Reboot;

  • Steal Sammy’s Food Truck
  • Steal Twisty’s Food Truck
  • Steal the King’s Food Truck
  • Steal Weenie’s Food Truck
  • Defeat Threats Nearby Chalupacabra

Just like any Venture, the Saints Row Chalupacabra Criminal Venture is not exempt from the area’s threats. You’ll face all types of police, gangs, and property that you will have to defeat, destroy, and vandalize. We highly recommend you take care of these threats during your missions as they help you increase your income dramatically.

Once you’ve got the coast clear for you, you can now start stealing the trucks. The first truck you’ll be stealing in Saints Row Reboot will be the King’s Food Truck. You can find all Food Truck locations by switching to your current Venture and looking at the game map that indicates your trucks with purple spots.

You’ll find the first truck near Lakeside North territory. It will be protected by the guards, who you will have to take down by fighting. You can equip the Food Truck with a double Sideswipe.

Once done, take the truck to the Chalupacabra establishment. You will face some enemies on your way back, so take care of them as you go.

For the Weenie’s Food Truck, Sammy’s Food Truck, and Twisty’s Food Truck, you will have to go to these respective locations; Old Town West, Monte Vista, and East Flats.

The pattern of stealing these trucks in Saints Row 2022 will be pretty much the same. Take care of the guards, steal the trucks, defeat enemies on your way back, and finally park the truck at the Chalupacabra establishment. Once you’ve got all four of these, finally make your way to the Venture Manager and talk to him.

Upon mission completion, you’ll receive Chalupacabra Crew Outfits, Costume Taco, Chalupacabra Sign, 5000 XP, and $30,000.

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