Saints Row 4 Vehicles Guide – How To Unlock and Upgrade

How to unlock, upgrade and store all the vehicles in Saints Row 4.

Get a break from your usual super powers like super sprint and super jump and get a taste of some classic vehicles available in Saints Row 4. They are certainly not as powerful as your super sprint but you got to admit that they never run of gas. But you do have finite stamina for super power.

Besides, some missions and challenges in the game require you to drive a car.

Saints Row 4 Vehicles

Driving vehicles also grant you with XP. Steelport is a busy city with crowded streets 24/7. Driving around traffic in stylish fashion, drifting around tight corners, and driving in an oncoming lane will gain you XP.

Some vehicles in the game are equipped with built-in weapons such as missiles launchers and machine guns with unlimited ammo. However, using them for a long time will get them to overheat.

These types of weapons come in very handy for clearing Flashpoints, Virus Upload, and for causing mayhem in general.

It is advisable to use vehicles while firing as they provide you with extra cover and you can always run over your target, pop their vehicle’s tires, or destruct them completely. However, while traveling in a vehicle, you will only be able to use one-handed weapon like a sub-machine gun or a pistol.

Storing Your Vehicles

Early in the game, you will get the ability to store in your vehicles by pressing ‘Down’ on your D-pad. The stored vehicles will always be available via your phone’s Pause Hub, rim garage, or a Gateway Hub.

Vehicles can also be destroyed and that too, quite easily.

Damage a car and you will see different signs of it like paint being teared, smoke coming out of the hood, dents, and popped tires. These damaged vehicles can also explode depending upon the magnitude of destruction caused. In this case, you should evacuate the vehicle immediately and enter another one.

The vehicles you jack from common civilians in the city are of different models and their different variants.

These vehicles are sometimes quite sluggish and dull. But you can always customize them in any way you want! The customization options range from customizing performance to visuals. Customizing a car works just like a customizing a weapon but at a much less cost.

You can also equip you cars with Nitrous which will make every other car on the road and during the race look tame. The performance modifications you can apply on your vehicles include the following:

Upgrading torque of you car gives it a boost of acceleration. There are a total of 4 upgrade levels for this upgrade which cost as:

  1. Upgrade #1: 200 cache
  2. Upgrade #2: 400 cache
  3. Upgrade #3: 800 cache
  4. Upgrade #4: 1,600 cache

Upgrade your tires to give your car better handling and avoid the chances of a blowout.

  • Upgrade #1: 200 cache
  • Upgrade #2: 400 cache
  • Upgrade #3: 800 cache
  • Upgrade #4: 1,600 cache

Reinforced Bumper
Add a stronger bumper with which you will be able to crush down anything in your path without worrying about your own car.

  • Upgrade #1: 200 cache
  • Upgrade #2: 400 cache
  • Upgrade #3: 800 cache
  • Upgrade #4: 1,600 cache

Reinforced Frame
It buys your car some extra time before it explodes itself and you into ashes.

  • Upgrade #1: 200 cache
  • Upgrade #2: 400 cache
  • Upgrade #3: 800 cache
  • Upgrade #4: 1,600 cache

Add nitrous to your car to feel the real power of N2O and make aliens look like idiots as you will sweep past them.
Upgrade #1: 200 cache

Add blades near the tires of your car so that it damages anyone who will come near it! Perfect to evade pursuits.
Upgrade #1: 200 cache


With the arrival of aliens, came very advanced technology which would have taken us year to make. And one of those things is aircrafts. From XOR to Flying Object, everything is worth driving at least once.

The aircrafts on Zin can switch between different flight modes with just a button. And the game wants you to fly in these things, even from the very beginning of the game, you can hop in an alien vehicle and take it for a ride.

Although, aliens will pursuit you wherever you go. But that doesn’t matter. Right?

There are two ways in which you would be able to control the aircrafts; basic controls and advanced controls.

While basic controls are very easy to remember and learn with only moving analogue stick in the right direction with holding one button, advanced controls are slightly complex but nothing that you won’t be able to learn.

Give them both a try and see which one suits you more!


Compact Cars (Two Door Cars)

  • Emu
  • Halberd
  • Mockingbird
  • Solar

Classic Cars

  • Betsy
  • Churchill
  • Gunslinger
  • Hollywood
  • Relic
  • Cyber Gunslinger (Unlocked by Shaundi’s Under Pressure side-quest)
  • Genkimobile (Unlocked by Kinzie’s Gambit side-quest)

Luxury Cars (Four Doors)

  • Eiswolf
  • Influego
  • Justice

Luxury Cars (Two Doors)

  • Sovereign
  • Stiletto
  • Rattler
  • Rattler Chrome (Unlocked by Matt’s The Pledge side-quest)

Muscle Cars (Two Doors)

  • Peacemaker
  • Wireframe Peacemaker (Unlocked by Asha’s Kill and Let Die side-quest)
  • Nyte Blade
  • Pacemaker

Muscle Cars (Four Doors)

  • Hammerhead
  • Hammer
  • Bootlegger
  • Lightening
  • Phoenix

Sports Cars

  • Blade
  • Raycaster
  • Temptress
  • Torch
  • Sexy Kitten (Unlocked by Asha’s Training Day side-quest)


  • Atlantica
  • Bulldog
  • Bulldog (Equipped with Turret)
  • Taxi


  • Ambulance
  • Donovan
  • Gatmobile
  • Lockdown (Unlocked by Keith’s Simulation Recognizes side-quest)
  • Chrome Lockdown (Unlocked by Keith’s Simulation Recognizes side-quest)
  • Anchor

Trucks (Two Doors)

  • Steelport Municipal
  • Titan
  • Varsity
  • Genki Manapult (Unlocked by Asha’s Training Day side-quest)

Trucks (Four Doors)

  • Betsy
  • Criminal
  • Compensator

Monster Trucks

  • Atlasbreaker
  • Betsy XL
  • Bootlegger XL (Unlocked by Pierces’s Back to Basic’s side-quest)
  • Influego XL


  • Estrada
  • Kaneda
  • Kenshin
  • Bloody Cannonness
  • Cyber Estrada (Unlocked by Shaundi’s Under Pressure side-quest)
  • Angry Tiger (Unlocked by Asha’s Training Day side-quest)

Carts and ATVs

  • Pulse
  • Toad
  • Mongoose
  • Sad Panda (Unlocked by Asha’s Training Day side-quest)


  • Assert
  • Assert (Equipped with Laser Turret)
  • Assert Wireframe (Unlocked by Shaundi’s Shaundi’s List side-quest)
  • XOR
  • Destructor (Unlocked by Kinzie’s Simulated Instruction side-quest)
  • Recursor
  • Void (Unlocked by Keith’s Executive Orders side-quest)
  • Chrome Void (Unlocked by Keith’s Executive Orders side-quest)


  • Crusader
  • Challenger


  • Eagle
  • Oppressor
  • Thompson
  • Tornado
  • Vulture


  • AB Destroyer
  • Snipes 57
  • Woodpecker

Special Aircrafts

  • F-69 VTOL

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