RX Vega 64 Outperforms RTX 2080 Ti Using Vulkan API For World War Z

AMD GPUs have always been ahead of Nvidia when it comes to low overhead APIs like DirectX 12 and Vulkan....

AMD GPUs have always been ahead of Nvidia when it comes to low overhead APIs like DirectX 12 and Vulkan. Lately, we have seen just passable implementations of DirectX 12 in video games. However, with World War Z the Vulkan has made a comeback with full force as it not only improves performance but also allows RX Vega 64 to outperform RTX 2080.

According to World War Z benchmarks published by GameGPU, Radeon RX Vega 64 outperforms RTX 2080 by 20%. Not only that, for 1080p benchmarks Vega 64 wasn’t the only AMD GPU to beat RTX 2080.

Both Radeon VII and RX Vega 64 managed to beat RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti. All of this is quite interesting considering the fact that Vega 64 costs almost half the price of RTX 2080 Ti.

However, as the resolution increases, Nvidia GPU managed to close the gap but not enough to win. For 1440p benchmarks, the Radeon RX Vega 64 still outperformed the RTX 2080 Ti.

Furthermore, when the resolution is cranked up all the way to 4K the gap closes. The RTX 2080 Ti outperforms the Vega 64 while the AMD GPU maintains its lead over RTX 2080. The reason why RTX 2080 Ti took the lead is due to the fact that at 4K the CPU doesn’t have much headroom to show advantages of low-level API like Vulkan.

This clearly indicates that if developers all willing to properly implement Vulkan or Direct X 12, AMD GPU will outperform Nvidia GPUs with a huge margin.

Speaking of GPUs, AMD Navi has been in the news for quite a while now. However, AMD has its lips sealed when it comes to the GPU’s launch. But a recent leak suggests AMD Navi GPU will launch on July 7.

The leak also dropped specs for the GPU. Reportedly, AMD Navi will feature 1.8 GHz or 1800 MHz boost clock, 150W of TDP, and 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM. Also, the GPU will cost $259 which is low considering GTX 1080 costs way more than that.

Previously, benchmarks for the alleged AMD Navi GPU leaked online which reveal that Navi outperforms RX 580 in all of the gaming bechmarks but isn’t a match for RX Vega 64.

Aside from the GPU, AMD is also in the business of CPUs and APUs. It’s no secret that AMD Ryzen is outperforming Intel CPUs in performance and price and PC enthusiasts are waiting for AMD to reveal world’s first 7nm Ryzen 3000 CPUs.

However, price and specifications have leaked for the aforementioned CPUs. If the leak is to be believed then AMD is preparing more trouble for Intel.

Interestingly, the leaks regarding AMD’s upcoming products don’t end here. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and their upgraded counterparts are powered by AMD APUs.

It’s highly likely that next-consoles will be powered by AMD APUs considering Sony and Microsoft intend backward compatibility. Interestingly, a leak has made its way on the internet suggesting that PS5 and next-gen Xbox will be powered by AMD Gonzalo APU.

Reportedly, the APU features 8 physical cores with 1.6 GHz of base clock and 3.2 GHz of boost clock. It’s speculated that the APU is based on the Zen architecture and if that’s true then next-gen consoles won’t be held back due to low-powered CPU.

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