Rustler Best Skills Guide

Paying homage to old GTA games, Rustler is a medieval sandbox game with RPG mechanics such as skills thrown in. In this guide, we will go over all the Skills available to use in Rustler and help you decide the best skills to invest in when playing Rustler.

Rustler Best Skills

Now, we need to guide our ‘Rustler’ through the olden times so expect the world to be tough to him and in return, you, as the player need to toughen him up through the skill tree available to you.

To upgrade your character, you need to find Horseshoes in abundance. Don’t you worry though, you will find this currency easily throughout the game.

When you feel as if you are ready to upgrade your character, pause the game and get some skills!

How to Unlock skills in Rustler

In the pause menu, go ahead and select Skills. From there you can spend your skills points.

If you feel like switching some things over, then reset what you have by pressing X, Square or clicking your mouse on the bottom left text. Be wary though since it costs 100 gold to reset skills.

Now the following are the types of upgrades you can gain and their details.


Skills                           Effect How to Unlock
Spongeguy Increases Max HP by 10% up to a maximum of 30% 2 Points Required
Hero of Might & Might Increases Max Dealt by 5% up to 15% 2 Points Required
Lung Story Short Fighting and Running cost 5% less Stamina. When upgraded fully, it will cost you 15% less Stamina 2 Points Required
Plot Armor Resist Death by leaving 1% of HP from fatal hits. 8 Points Required
Reguyneration Regenerate 1% of HP up to 30% of the Max HP. When upgraded fully, Guy will restore up to 70% of HP 3 Points Required


Skills                           Effect How to Unlock
Boltslinger Reload speed of Crossbow is 10% faster and can be raised till 30% 2 Points Required
Shit Motion The rate of slowing enemies by throwing poo is increased from 10% to 30% (when upgraded) 2 Points Required
Ammo Domini Increases Bolt Capacity of your Crossbow by 10 8 Points Required
Zero Waste Be able to loot Bolts from dead bodies 8 Points Required
Run and Gun Be able to reload your crossbow whilst running (is not applicable when sprinting) 10 Points Required


Skills                           Effect How to Unlock
Horselifting Be able to pick up items from Horseback 8 Points Required
Secretariat Horses regenerate stamina 10% faster to 30% when upgraded fully 2 Points Required
Horse Whisperer Allows Guy to ride fast horses without being bucked off. 6 Points Required
Red Dead Rejection Attack through a back kick from the horse by performing a U-turn 8 Points Required
The Fifth Horseman Pressing Tab (or down on a controller’s D-Pad) summons a horse to your location 10 Points Required


Skills                           Effect How to Unlock
Groupie Hiring a bard cost 33% less gold Can be upgraded by increments of 33% until Guy won’t have to pay 2 Points Required
All Good in the Wood(s) Wanted Level decreases faster in Wooded Areas 8 Points Required
God’s Favourite Guy You will find 10% more ammo and gold and if you fully upgrade this skill, you’ll get a sweet 30% bonus 2 Points Required
My Uncle’s a Sergeant Allows you to keep your weapons even if you get caught by the guards 8 Points Required
Sugar Baby Gives you a 10% Discount at Shops Can be upgraded up 50% 3 Points Required

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