How to Marry Scarlett in Rune Factory 5

Scarlett is a female character in Rune Factory 5 with fair skin, red eyes, and light blue hair that she keeps tied in a ponytail beneath a green police hat. The following guide will show how players can marry Scarlett in Rune Factory 5.

Scarlett’s Appearance and Personality

Scarlett is not a pure seed member. She’s instead a hybrid of partly elf and partly seed. She is a workhorse who has strong perseverance in carrying out a task with a robust code of conduct. Her commitment to seeing the job done is praiseworthy.

Still, beneath her tough exoskeleton, she wants to be adored and loved. Scarlett is here in Rigbarth for an important piece of business.

Her mentor is her father, and she wants to be exactly like her father. She also sometimes doubts herself, but that’s part of her personality.

How to Marry Scarlett in Rune Factory 5

Scarlett is not present at the start of the game. You must play Rune Factory for some time before she becomes part of the main storyline.

She doesn’t like ornaments and fancy dresses but impressing her is relatively easy, and you will get a lot of chances for that. She loves a list of items that she wants, and you need to provide these items as a gift to elevate your friendship level.

Hey, don’t forget to give her a birthday present which is on Summer 18.

She loves Tempura Bowl and Udon, a level 36 recipe using a frying pan. You need oil and flour, which you buy at the general store, eggs, and shrimp. She likes anything with rice, like a baked rice bowl and rice porridge.

Her favorite items are Onigiri, a Japanese dish made of white rice, which is enough to make her happy with a blink, Stir-fried Veggies, an egg bowl, and an octopus bowl.

Her disliked items are also that you need to remember. Union Stew and Okonomiyaki, Cabbage Cake. You need to keep these items away from her to gain her affection. She is a character who requires you to cook for her to have a friendship, which is simple, right.

You need to complete a list of the following tasks for the marriage option to appear.

  • You need to have the friendship of level 10 with Scarlett.
  • It would be best if you had to go on at least three dates with your partner for you to unlock the final event.
  • Complete final love event with Scarlett.
  • Met everyone in town.
  • Have a double bed. This bed costs 30000G.
  • Make an engagement ring. It is a crafting level 20 recipe. You need one ore and one gemstone.

Now you need to find Scarlett. You will be able to propose to her. If you meet all the conditions mentioned above, the success rate is 100 percent.

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