Where to Find Pike in Rune Factory 5

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Pike fish in Rune Factory 5 and progress your skill and get new food.

Fishing has been a part of the Rune Factory franchise ever since the release of the first installment. However, it has seen drastic changes in its mechanics over the years. Fish can be used in recipes to give yourself temporary buffs, or they can be sold or gifted.

In this guide, we’ll go over where you can find Pike Fish in Rune Factory 5, Additionally, we’ll also cover how you can catch this creature and how exactly you can use it.

Where to Find Pike Fish in Rune Factory 5

You can participate in several activities in Rune Factory 5, ranging from cooking to fishing. While fishing may sound easy to do at first but finding a specific type of fish can indeed be a tough job, especially when the fish you want to catch is rare to find.

One such fish swims the still water in RF5; that fish is none other than Pike. Pike loves still water, and what better place to find Pike than the Kelve Volcanic Region Entrance?

Since Pike is an Autumn fish, it will surely be found at the Kelve Volcanic Region Entrance. However, due to its rarity, there is a slight possibility that you might have to wait for a while before it pops out of the water.

Once you reach the pond where you’ll find Pike, it will be difficult to identify whether it’s the fish you’re looking for or something else. This can be done by simply examining the shadows created underwater when something appears.

To identify Pike, you must note that this fish creates shadows that range from small to medium. To take things to the next level, you can also check Meline Crystal Caverns and see if you can find Pike over there.

Furthermore, you can buy it from the shop as some players were able to buy Pike from the shop simply by upgrading the item store and selling fish.

How to Catch Pike Fish in RF5

Once you’ve found this rare character, the next step is catching it. You can do that by using a fishing rod. A fishing rod in Rune Factory 5 is easy to get without even doing anything.

You’ll get rewarded with a fishing rod early in the game as a request item reward.

Once you’ve achieved a higher level in the game, you can even craft a beginner’s fishing pole to lure fish such as Pike and other creatures to cook or present it to someone.

In Rune Factory 5 Pike fish does not have any effects when consumed but it does buff your intelligence by +1% and Sick Res by +3%, furthermore, it can be used to craft two recipes.

  • Pike Sashimi (also requires a knife)
  • Salted Pike (also requires a frying pan and sour drop)

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