Rune Factory 5 Outfits Unlock Guide

Rune Factory 5 has now been released globally. It features two Protagonists, Alice and Ares, which you will take control of on a brand-new journey. This guide will teach you how to unlock outfits in Rune Factory 5 and customize the main characters and what other outfits are available in-game for you to unlock.

How to Change Outfits in Rune Factory 5

The game has offered players a variety of outfits to try on the protagonists. You can go over a wide selection of outfits and choose whichever outfit looks best on the character.

The protagonists start with a default outfit called SEED Ranger Uniform, casual wear outfit, The Azel and Sonia outfits, and a swimsuit outfit that you can change into.

During the game’s intro, you will be introduced to the wardrobe that is placed in your room. Interact with the wardrobe, and you will be presented with the option to change outfits.

Click on the first option and then choose the character you want to change the outfit for. Once you have selected the character, you can now go through the outfits available and choose the one you want your character to wear.

How to Unlock More Outfits

You can unlock more outfits in the game using the in-game currency called Gold. You can buy these from Yuki and Randolph’s Bakery for gold. Their outfit collection consists of:

  • Armored Knight Outfits
  • Aristocratic Wear
  • Mage Outfits
  • Casual Wear
  • Pajamas

However, you can also buy the Limited Edition of Rune Factory 5 and get the following outfits for free:

  • Vishnal’s Outfit
  • Clorica’s Outfit
  • Kiel’s Outfit
  • Doug’s Outfit
  • Amber’s Outfit
  • Leon’s Outfit
  • Dolce’s Outfit
  • Pico’s Outfit
  • Forte’s Outfit
  • Arthur’s Outfit
  • Margaret’s Outfit
  • Xiao Pai’s Outfit
  • Dyla’s Outfit

DLC Outfits

There are more outfits for you to get by buying the DLCs of the game. There are two DLCs that you can buy at the moment. These are:

Rune Factory Series Outfit Set

For Ares:

  • Kyle Outfit
  • Micah Outfit
  • Raguan Outfit

For Alice:

  • Mist Outfit
  • Mana Outfit
  • Shara Outfit

Swimsuits DLC

The Swimsuit DLC offers you SIX more swimsuit outfits for the main characters.

Rune Factory 4 Special Bonus Outfits

If you have the Rune Factory 4 Special on your Switch, you will also get the following two outfits in RF5:

  • Lest’s costume for Ares
  • Frey’s costume for Alice