Fastest Way To Make Money In Rune Factory 5

You will need a lot of money to spend on various upgrades and items in Rune Factory 5. The game is actually not that limiting and you will earn a handsome amount of gold during your progression.

That being said, there are ways to make money even faster in Rune Factory 5. The following guide will tell you all about how to make money the smarter and the easier way.

Rune Factory 5 Fastest Money-Making Tips and Exploits

There are a number of ways through which you can make money fast in Rune Factory 5. Some of these will prove beneficial if you start exploiting them from the start.

Sell Items

You will be looting and collecting random items throughout your progression. You can eventually sell them for profits.

While most of these items are generally cheap, but when sold in bulk will net you a quick sum of money. That money can then be used to purchase seeds and such to grow crops, which is our next way to make money fast in Rune Factory 5.

Selling Crops

Players may produce high-priced crops on their fields if they have enough money to plant many crops. These may then be transported to make enormous sums of cash every harvest, providing gamers with a sustainable opportunity to earn money.

All the crops have different economical values. Some are listed below:


  • Seed Price: 10G
  • Shipping Value: 30G


  • Seed Price: 200G
  • Shipping Value: 110G


  • Seed Price: 450G
  • Shipping Value: 1000G

Sweet Potato

  • Seed Price: 250G
  • Shipping Value: 140G


You will always have access to fishing as a side activity in the game. You can catch fish to sell them later on or even better, catch and sell rare fish for higher profits.

Selling Byproducts

You can also choose to sell items like honey (600G), milk (260G), and eggs (280G). This is also one of the quick ways to sell items and get a decent amount of money, but it takes a lot of time, and it frustrates the player to make money this way.

Cook Crops

In addition to just selling crops, you can use those crops to cook dishes. These dishes can also be sold for quick money. That being said, cooking and selling dishes is not something you’ll like to invest your time in.

Complete Requests

You can earn money in the early game by simply taking in random requests and completing them. These tasks are available on the bulletin board and this way you might earn thousands of golds this way.

The Elsje Exploit

Elsje is more or less an exploit in Rune Factory 5 that can net you half a million in gold. You just must bring your friendship level with Elsje to level 3. Then reduce your health to around 25.

Being your friend, she will throw a curry right at you. You must dodge this throw. Then just pick it up and it is all yours. Every curry is worth 500,000 gold.

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