Where to Find Lightning Horn in Rune Factory 5

In this Where to Find Lightning Horn in Rune Factory 5 guide, we will cover the location of Lightning Horn, how to get it, the recipes that need Lightning Horn.

In this Rune Factory 5 guide, we will cover the location of Lightning Horn and how to get it, the recipes that need Lightning Horn and how to survive in Thundering Wastes. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

What is a Lightning Horn?

Lightning Horn is a rare ingredient in RF5 that is required for a crafting recipe. Alongside farming, you need to gather armor, weapons, and some other items to fight monsters and progress in Rune Factory 5.

Sometimes you can just buy these items, or you can get them as drops. But in Rune Factory 5, you have to craft some items as well.

There are specific Crafting Recipes for different items. These Crafting recipes contain different ingredients and sometimes these ingredients are quite rare to find. Lightning Horn is one of those ingredients.

A Lightning Horn is one of the rarest ingredients of Rune Factory 5 and you need it for different Crafting Recipes like Gaia Sword, Luck Blade etc.

Since Lightning Horn is quite rare and very difficult to get, we have compiled this guide to make things easier for you.


Where to Find Lightning Horn in Rune Factory 5

You must eliminate specific monsters named Lightning Goblins if you want to get your hands on Lightning Horn in Rune Factory 5. The first and second floors of Thundering Wastes are where you’ll locate them.

So, going to Thundering Wastes and farming Lightning Goblins is all you have to do to get Lightning Horns in Rune Factory 5.

How to Survive the Thundering Wastes

Every second in Thundering Wastes, lightning bolts rain down on the field. So, you have to be very careful when you are there and dodge these if you want to survive. You will also encounter a Boss in Thundering Wastes named Medusa who is one of the fearsome and strongest bosses of Rune Factory 5.

Bubbles, Spin Attack, Thunderbolt, and Tentacle Stab are Medusa’s attacks. Medusa fires bubbles that remain on the map in Bubbles Attack, however, in Spin Attack, Medusa turns herself when you are close and directly in front of her.

Medusa’s Thunderbolt strike blasts you and the surrounding area with Thunder Bolts, whilst her Tentacle Stab attack double-stabs you straight in front.

Medusa’s weak spot is in the front, not the back. Rather than attacking her from behind, wait for her large-area strikes to finish before hitting her from the front. Keep an eye out for her Tentacle Sweep attack.

Since many of Medusa’s attacks and electricity-based and if you don’t want to get electrocuted, you should stay away from the water.

Once you have defeated Medusa, she will drop Viscous Liquid and Strangle Tentacle. You can also try to tame Medusa and for that, you will need Lightning Horn and Starfull Pumpkin.

Crafting Recipes that Use Lightning Horn in RF5

We have compiled a list of recipes that use Lightning Horn as an ingredient below:

  • Gaia Sword
  • Luck Blade
  • Katzblager
  • Corsesca
  • Demon Axe
  • Twin Blades
  • Fists of the Earth
  • Judgement Staff
  • Rampage

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