Where to Find Ice Griffin in Rune Factory 5

There are many monsters that you can find and capture for different kinds of rewards in Rune Factory 5. They are part of quest series called ‘Wanted Monsters.’ One of these wanted monsters is Ice Griffin, one of the stronger monsters in the game. This guide explains where to Find Ice Griffin in Rune Factory 5 and how to defeat it.

Where to Find Ice Griffin in Rune Factory 5

Ice Griffin is part of the trio of the most powerful monster in this questline that also tasks you with hunting down Little Dragon and Mermaid. However, to find and capture this trio of monsters, you will first need to capture all the other Monsters that are part of the ‘Wanted Monsters’ tasks.

There are a total of 15 monsters that you will need to capture to access the trio of strongest monsters.

After you have captured all the 15 monsters, you will be able to find and capture Ice Griffin. However, all the three strongest bosses do not have an exact location, as their location is always changing. You can get their last seen location by viewing the quest from the Task Board.

How to Defeat Ice Griffin

Now that you know where to find Ice Griffin in Rune Factory 5, defeating him will also be tricky as it is a 5-star rated monster. Additionally, ice Griffin will be vulnerable to fire attacks, so make sure you are prepared with weapons using fire attacks.

Use the stun button to stun and then try to capture it. As it is a 5-star boss, it will take some tries before you can catch it successfully. Capturing the Ice Griffing in RF5 will reward you with a Water Crystal so it is worth hunting down.

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