Where to Find Claws and Fangs in Rune Factory 5

Buying items in Rune Factory 5 can be costly. Therefore, it is best to craft your items as per your needs. Two of the most common things you may need in Rune Factory 5 are Fangs and Claws to craft items and, in this guide, we’ll talk about where and how you can find them.

Where to Find Claws and Fangs in Rune Factory 5

During your Rune Factory 5 journey, you must obtain different resources and items and craft additional items using them. These items can include various types of tools, armor, and weapons.

Fangs and Runes are two of the most essential items that you’ll need for crafting other items in Rune Factory 5.

Where to find Fangs

There are three types of fangs, but the most common are the Wolf Fangs. These fangs are silver in color, and to attain them, you must visit Lake Yumina. To do so, you must go southwest of Righarth, but before that, you must make sure that you are at level 40 in the game. You can also tame these wolves, and to do so, your level must be higher than them.

You can tame the Silver Wolves by offering them an item. If you see a skull, that is an indication that you must level up more. If you see a heart, then that means a higher chance of success.

Throw Iron and other items until the wolf becomes familiar with you. You must not attack it or bring a party member close which can be a hazard to the wolf. Once you have successfully tamed the wolf, it will produce a Wolf Fang for you every morning.

Where to get Claws

The best way to get Claws in Rune Factory 5 is to defeat Shadow Panthers. These panthers will drop panther claws. You can find them in the Kelve Volcanic Region and Atohl’s End, a cave towards the west of this region.

You can tame the Shadow Panthers, but they won’t drop Panther Claws. Therefore, they’re not worth getting yourself into trouble for since you can substitute Claws with Fangs in most recipes.

Fang and Claw Recipes

Here are some recipes that contain Fangs and Panther Claws as ingredients.

  • Crystal Blade: Any Ore + Sticks and Stems + Gold Wolf Fang – Level 56
  • Flame Saber: Diamond + Gold Wolf Fang + Fire Crystal – Level 39
  • Pitchfork: Wolf Fang + Fodder Sticks and Stems – Level 14
  • Needle Spear: Bronze + Wolf Fang Sticks and Stems – Level 15
  • Pole Axe: Wolf Fang + Bronze + Stick and Stems – Level 16
  • Steel Sword: Any Ore + Any Claw/Fang – Level 3
  • Defender: Sapphire + Claws and Fangs – Level 19

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