Rumors Of Grand Theft Auto 5 Switch Port Have Started Circulating

Some rumors of a Grand Theft Auto 5 Switch port have started circulating recently, adding in the possibility of yet another third-party game to the Nintendo Switch’s third-party heavy roster. Grand Theft Auto 5, however, seems like something of a stretch even with games like Doom and Wolfenstein: The New Order coming.

The rumor comes from an insider by the name of Vern, who had previously predicted that LA Noire, another Rockstar game that had been released during the days of the Xbox 360, would be getting a Nintendo Switch port. That was proven accurate as of a few weeks ago, so there’s the possibility that Vern will also be right when it comes to this.

While a large number of people play Grand Theft Auto, the Nintendo Switch can still be seen as a family console, even with games like Bethesda’s Doom reboot and Wolfenstein coming to the console among other games. Grand Theft Auto 5, while not as bloody as Doom and not involving Nazis like Wolfenstein, is still by no means a family-friendly game.

With rampant drug use and gunplay along with a not-so-subtle parody of American celebrity life, there are plenty of reasons to doubt that a Grand Theft Auto 5 Switch port will ever come anywhere close to being a reality. However, considering the Nintendo Switch is also getting a port of mystery noir game LA Noire, it’s not that far out of the realm of possibility, especially considering the various gruesome murders that pop up in that game.

Whatever the result, it’s likely that if there is a Grand Theft Auto 5 Switch port that it will be played by a good number of people. However, in such a big game, there will likely have to have a number of changes in it so that it can successfully run on the console.