Upcoming Skyrim Nintendo Switch Port Will Be Remastered, Have Mod Support

The Skyrim Nintendo Switch port that Nintendo's upcoming console will be getting as a third-party game will be the remastered version with mod support.

The upcoming Skyrim Nintendo Switch port is going to be the remastered version that came out late last year, and will also have PC-like mod support like the remastered version. Both the remastered version and the mod support were part of a new bridging between consoles and PCs for Bethesda.

Hopefully, with its upgraded hardware compared to the Nintendo Wii U and other Nintendo consoles, the Skyrim Nintendo Switch port will look just as good as it does on other consoles and the PC. Considering that Nintendo will have its own first-party version of Skyrim in the form of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the competition between the two games may be fierce, even if Breath of the Wild doesn’t have as much to explore as Skyrim.

Both games have a similar setup of the hero traveling a vast landscape in order to destroy a dangerous threat that, if left unchecked, will destroy the world.

But, with mod support and a more time-honored reputation of being a game that you can do nearly anything in, Skyrim may actually outsell Breath of the Wild, especially considering that the demand for a next-gen version of Skyrim and a backwards compatible version when the Xbox One came out, was through the roof.

Hopefully, however, the Nintendo Switch will get a chance to allow its first-party games to spread their wings and takeoff, rather than have everything drowned under constantly-demanded games like Skyrim regardless of how many alternative platforms they’re on.

While Skyrim is going to be releasing a while after the actual launch titles of the Nintendo Switch, and will be just one of the many third-party titles that are going to be coming to the console among the steady stream of games reputed to come for it, hopefully the Skyrim Nintendo Switch port will be just as good on the Switch as it is on other platforms.

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