Rumor: Red Dead Redemption Remastered Coming for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Reports are coming in from Korea that Red Dead Redemption is being remastered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The report mentioned that Red Dead Redemption remastered will be announced on Tuesday, September 6.

The claim of Red Dead Redemption remastered is a little odd as the game was just made backwards compatible for Xbox One. However, this will be the first time PlayStation 4 and PC users get to play this classic title.

Sony is hosting a PlayStation Meeting on September 7 where we expect Rockstar to be present. Rumor has it that Rockstar is coming to PlayStation Meeting to announce Red Dead Redemption 2 aka Red Dead 3.

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Red Dead Redemption was going to be at E3 2016 even though Sony denied it. A reliable source claims that Sony pulled the game but it wasn’t clear why.

The prevailing theory is that the reveal trailer featured a shootout in a bar and due to what happened in Orlando days before E3, Sony thought it would not be appropriate to show the game.


If that is indeed that case, the footage we were suppose to see at at E3 2016 would be scrapped. Rockstar has a history with PlayStation and has announced games at Sony’s events. PlayStation Meeting now seems like the best candidate for Rockstar’s next big announcement.

Of course, PlayStation Meeting won’t all be about Red Dead Redemption 2. Sony will reveal PlayStation 4 Neo, PlayStation Vita Trinity and the recently leaked PlayStation 4 Slim.

PlayStation 4 Slim will release for $299 while the PlayStation 4 Neo will retail for $399.

For more on PlayStation, stay-tuned.

Do you think Rockstar will remaster Red Dead Redemption?

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