Rumor: Nintendo NX Might Use Same Tech As Chromecast

There has been a lot of rumors regarding Nintendo NX, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine the credibility of these rumors. Now another rumor has emerged on the shores of the internet, suggesting something very interesting.

The rumor comes from French website Gameblog, and it seems that Nintendo has taken a page out of the Chromecast’s playbook.

For those who don’t know, Chromecast is a streaming device that is attached directly to the TV’s HDMI port. The dongle then picks up the streaming content from user’s PC or mobile.

According to Gameblog, several of their sources have revealed that Nintendo NX will be using a similar technology to allow its users to play the game on a big screen. This idea seems feasible, since there have been multiple reports that Nintendo intends to break away from the conventional console form factors.

While the idea is certainly interesting, but it does not come without issues of its own. Even with a fast internet connection, Chromecast occasionally suffers from hiccups. So if Nintendo does intends to make use of this tech, then they have to find a workaround this issue, since they really need Nintendo NX to be successful.

Right now we know very little of the upcoming console, and like I mentioned before there have been tons of rumors about the console. Recently, another rumor emerged, suggesting that there are 20 games confirmed to be in development for NX, games look almost as good as PlayStation 4 games and much more.

Also according to Nintendo of Europe representative Ulysse Richert-Botté, Nintendo NX reveal will be coming this year and also said that dev kits will be made available to smaller devs on a later date.

No official reveal date has been mentioned by Nintendo and the console is expected to launch in March 2017, and Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild is expected to be a launch title.

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