Rumor: 20 Nintendo NX Games Confirmed To Be In Development, Games Look Good Almost PS4 Level And Much More

Another day another rumor, according to the latest one, there are 20 Nintendo NX games in development at various developers.

Another day another rumor, it seems that Nintendo NX just can’t catch a beak, as for last few months there have been tons of rumors and leaks. This time another rumor has emerged on the internet that claims almost 20 games for the console are in development and much more.

The rumor comes all the way through Gameblog(translated by Maiar_m), and according to the rumor there are 20 games for Nintendo NX that are confirmed to be in development, their sources are the game developers themselves and are already working on with the dev kits.

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The sources claim that Nintendo NX is indeed a hybrid console with detachable controllers. Also the games run on 780 – 900p on the console and the game quality is almost similar to that of PlayStation 4.

  • “Sure about 20 games in development”
  • Their sources are currently developing on the platform and have devkits
  •  “You’ll be able to verify these leaks very soon” but not aware of the actual reveal date
  •  Nintendo hasn’t shared all of the NX “gimmicks” with their dev yet
  •  Hybrid confirmed but not the only “surprise”
  •  He’s been confirmed there are detachable controllers
  •  No real dock where you plug the handheld, but a wireless ‘dongle’ upscaling for the TV
  •  Handheld game is the same as the “docked” game
  •  Games look good on the handheld screen (780 – 900p), about PS4 level
  •  Ports should be easy despite the different architecture
  •  Very positive feedback on the dev tools
  •  Breath of the Wild looks nicer on NX (duh)
  •  Smartphone connectivity maybe possible
  •  VR not out of the question but first tests aren’t satisfying.
  •  Lots of remasters planned (Skyward Sword, MK8, Splatoon, Smash, N64 and Wii games)
  •  FFXV and FFVII Remake are coming to NX
  •  Platinum Games and Capcom are in
  •  Ubisoft in (BG&E 2 discussed but not confirmed, Splinter Cell and a Yoshi / Rabbid Rabbits crossover being discussed too)

It is important to mention that this is just a rumor, so take it as a garin of salt. If these rumors have some truth to them, then we shall know soon enough, as the Nintendo NX reveal will be taking place within this year.

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