Rumor Of New From Software Game For Playstation 5 Circulates, Spiritual Successor To Bloodborne?

A rumor of a new From Software game that will be exclusively for the Playstation 5 is starting to make the rounds, codenamed "Velvet Veil."

A supposed new From Software game has been leaked to exist, which apparently is a spiritual successor to Bloodborne and will be Playstation 5 exclusive. While nothing is confirmed yet, the source is the same person who had previously leaked the existence of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, before it was announced.

The title, if it exists, is apparently called Velvet Veil, though exactly what that involves isn’t known. If the game really is a spiritual successor to Bloodborne, we can likely expect a similar story to that game, including various cosmic horrors and other beasts from beyond the stars.

We’ll likely have similar technology to Bloodborne as well, including trick weapons, guns, and magic, though of course with a lack of any further details about Velvet Veil other than its name and possible status as a spiritual successor to Bloodborne, we can’t really say.

So far, From Software has given no indication that this new From Software game actually exists, having spent most of its time working on, and now promoting, Elden Ring. Going by other rumors about it, Velvet Veil started development in 2018 and the development has picked up in 2019.

The game is apparently supposed to be first shown in the summer of next year, since Elden Ring is slated to release in late January. After that, it will apparently release sometime in February or March of 2023. However, again, we have no confirmation of that, just rumors.

While previously the same leaker that revealed Velvet Veil’s existence has accurately leaked Sekiro, Elden Ring, and a non-RPG From Software title, Deracine, the actual accuracy of the leak is likely going to remain in question until From Software actually announces the supposed new From Software title.

Until Velvet Veil is actually revealed, all we can do is hopefully look forward to more information about Elden Ring as it gets closer and closer to January, where it will release for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5.

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