Elden Ring Playtime Is At Least 30 Hours If You Don’t Take Detours

Elden Ring playtime will apparently be at least 30 hours and will likely include more "detour" content, according to HIdetaka Miyazaki.

From Software finally released an Elden Ring trailer over the weekend at the Summer of Gaming’s kickoff event, after several years of there being no news about the game. Now, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has given us a very rough estimate of Elden Ring playtime, and it looks like From’s biggest game yet.

All of From Software’s games, be they the Soulsborne titles or even their newest, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, have had a big exploratory component to them, as players going off the beaten path can find new areas they didn’t know existed.

Miyazaki himself has played the current build of the game for over 30 hours, and hasn’t even been taking any detours. With a more open world this time around, there may be even more to do. Dark Souls 3 can last a player 47.5 hours if they do both the main story and additional content. Sekiro is shorter at 42.5 hours for the same category.

If Elden Ring playtime does turn out to be significantly longer, however, the question is what From Software will do with it. Every Soulsborne game has been something of an open-world, with its limits mainly based on your skill as you go around multiple areas fighting bosses and progressing the story. The only limits were items you needed to access other areas.

From Software isn’t the kind of developer to stick in a lot of useless collectibles, but with all of the hidden and side bosses that are already available in their games, who knows how long it could take to beat Elden Ring, not to mention any DLC.

We likely won’t have any indication of the actual amount of Elden Ring playtime for a while. The game still has roughly seven months to go until it’s finished, and it’s unlikely that From Software will give us more info in that time, or at least not for a good long while.

Elden Ring will be releasing January 28 of next year on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

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