Rumor: GTA 6 is Codenamed “Project Americas,” Going to Miami

GTA 6 is going to take players to Vice City and South America. The title is under development at Rockstar Games with the codenamed "Project Americas." More details are expected to arrive soon so stay-tuned!

It has been five years since Grand Theft Auto 5 came out but it seems like yesterday due to how well Rockstar has managed to keep this game relevant till now. However, the need for Grand Theft Auto 6 exists and fans want another installment in the series soon.

But since Rockstar is busy with Red Dead Redemption we may not see anything anytime soon. Thankfully, we are getting some tidbits regarding the in-development title. According to the latest, GTA 6 is under development with the codename “Project Americas.” The game is taking us back to Miami which means VICE city is where the game could take place.

The reason why this game is codenamed “Project Americas” is because players will be able to travel to South America during the game as well. South American Drug trades have been the subject of many films and Miami is linked to the whole situation.

There is a lot of content and concepts here for Rockstar to play with. Moreover, Rockstar has hinted in the past they may revisit Vice City and that it would be weird to visit the city in a different time period. This indicates that we may not be getting a modern-day GTA 6 set in Vice City but instead, we will be going back to the 70’s or 80’s.

This isn’t the first time we are hearing about multiple countries/cities for Grand Theft Auto 6. And Vice City was one of the locations that were hinted in GTA  5.

GTA 6 is releasing sometime within the next two years on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Do let us know what features and locations would you like to see in the next GTA.

Source: The Know

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