Rumor: 90% Discount for Nintendo NX Buyers If they Own Wii U and 10 Games

Nintendo NX is probably the most talked about console to date. The machine is yet to be revealed but rumors and speculations can be found in abundance and every time something new comes up, it is widely discussed.

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Today, another piece of information has come up regarding the new console. Apparently, Nintendo NX buyers will get a 90% from Nintendo if they own a Wii U and 10 specific games are linked to their MyNintendo account.

Here’s an image that has been circulating online.

What credible sources? And which 10 games? Well, we don’t know but if this is true Nintendo will surely see a massive boost in initial sales.

Sales are the main reason why developers dropped support for the Wii U. Nintendo would need to get as many units out IN the wild so NX doesn’t suffer the same faith as Wii U.

Like I said, the console hasn’t been discussed by the company so far but analysts believe that it would be revealed before the end of this year. Nintendo is targeting a March 2017 release window for NX.

It is rumored to be a console/handheld hybrid. It is a machine is unlike anything we have seen before. Nothing is official yet so take everything with a massive grain of salt. If would be surprising if this, like other rumors, turned out to be false and fake.

What are your expectations from NX? Do you think 90% discount is something Nintendo would be willing to offer Wii U owners? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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