Rocksteady’s “Unannounced AAA Game” Is For “Next Generation Platforms”

Rocksteady Studios is working on a next generation game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Anaconda. PC development seems to be outsourced.

Rocksteady Studios, the creator of Batman Arkham Games is currently hiring new staff members for its next “unannounced AAA game.” According to Rocksteady, the title is in development for “next generation platforms.”

The studio is looking for Senior Cinematic Animator, Senior Technical Animator, Outsource Manager, and Audio Programmer for its London team. Most of the positions are offered with a 2-year contract which means we may not be seeing Rocksteady’s next game until 2021.

Interestingly enough, that is the rumored release window for our next generation consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Anaconda.

Some of the elements of this project are going to be outsourced to external partners. Outsource manager will be the point of contact between Rocksteady and external teams.

This role will involve working with the Gameplay and Cinematic Animation teams to manage and maintain all of our outsourcing in these areas.

In the past, Rocksteady Studios outsourced PC version of Batman games. With the release of Batman Arkham Knight, the development method backfired to the point where WB had to pull the game from Steam.

In this case, we hope the PC version isn’t being outsourced to external partners. The unannounced next-generation game is confirmed for consoles as well as PC.

The project itself is a mystery at the moment as there are a number of different reports and rumors. The most notable report from multiple sources is a Superman game from Rocksteady Studios. However, just yesterday reports surfaced that the studio is working with WB Montreal on a Suicide Squad game.

WB and Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game is reportedly a live-service Destiny like experience. However, going through each of the new job listings one can see that the new game is narrative focused. Words like “narrative” and “story” are thrown around multiple times in the job listings. There is no mention of multiplayer or live service elements anywhere.

This somewhat dents the credibility of the earlier Suicide Squad leak. However, there could be multiple games in development at these studios. The Suicide Squad game is rumored to be announced at E3 2019 so we’ll know what’s going on in less than two months.

Next generation consoles, at least one of them, is expected to be discussed at E3 2019. Microsoft’s Xbox Anaconda and Sony’s PlayStation 5 will both get full reveals and releases in the next two years.

Expect nothing major in terms of next-generation console news from E3 2019. The most well get a brief teaser of the future.

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