Rockstar Is Looking For Vehicle Artist, Most Probably For GTA 6

Rockstar North has posted a new job listing, looking for a vehicle artist for a game which is likely GTA 6, LA Noire 2, or a new IP.

Rockstar North has posted a job listing on which strongly suggests GTA 6, LA Noire 2, or even a new IP in the works.

According to the job listing, Rockstar North is looking for a Vehicle Artist for their studio office based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The job listing is very interesting for a number of reasons and there’s a lot what we can deduce from it.

It has been almost two years now and we are constantly getting leaks are rumors regarding Rockstar Games’ future projects. This recent job listing suggests that Rockstar North is looking for someone to do artwork for the vehicles used in an open-world game. Now we all know that the GTA series are open-world games that feature a multitude of vehicles.

We got several leaks in 2019 suggesting that Rockstar is working on a GTA 6. According to the leaks, Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature several time periods. During the course of GTA 6’s story, the buildings, the environment, and cars will change according to the time period. We will see cars from the 60s all the way to the modern era.

Vehicles ofcourse, are very important in games such as GTA VI, which is why they are usually done early on in the game development process. So if Rockstar North is putting out a job listing for a vehicle artist right now, then we can speculate the GTA 6 development is still in its early stages.

On the other hand, the GTA isn’t the only series from Rockstar that features vehicles. LA Noire was set in a sandbox environment and also featured a multitude of vehicles. Plus, we also got several leaks and rumors regarding Rockstar working on an LA Noire 2 in 2019. So it isn’t so far-fetched to consider an LA Noire 2 reveal trailer soon.

We can also speculate that maybe it isn’t GTA 6 and LA Noire 2. It is possible this job listing is for another Rockstar title. It could be for GTA Online or even an entirely new IP the studio is working on.

Since neither Rockstar North nor Rockstar Games have officially revealed any information regarding GTA VI, LA Noire 2, or a new IP, the best thing to do is wait right now. All of this is speculation at this point which is why you should take this information in with the usual grain of salt.