Risk Of Rain 2 Huntress Build Guide

In this Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about building and playing this character in the game.

Huntress is one of the hardest carries in Risk of Rain 2. She’s not as strong as the other characters and is mainly for when you’re playing on drizzle difficulty. However, if you learn how to utilize her insanely long cooldowns, it’s worth it. We’ve prepared this Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide to help you become your best Huntress.

How To Unlock Huntress

Huntress Is one of the original characters from the first Risk of Rain game. Being an original character, The Huntress is by default unlocked in Risk of Rain 2 as well. You don’t need to worry about doing any task to unlock her.

You can select this by default unlocked character and play on the go.

Best Items To Choose For Risk of Rain 2 Huntress

There is a variety of items that Huntress can use. They range from “must-haves” to minor things you can skip over. Legendary Items are something you should absolutely prioritize getting ASAP.

ItemsEffectWhy it is good
Bustling FungusHeals you after escaping from the combatCreates a radius of 3m on being stationary for 1 sec and healing everyone within the radius.
Cautious SlugHeals you after escaping from the combatHealth increases by 3 HP per second after the holder avoids the damage for 7 sec.
Goat’s HoofThese help you evade better when sprinting.This item increases holders’ base movement speed by 14%.
Energy DrinkThese help you evade better when sprintingHolders movement speed increases by 17.24%
ChronobaublePair it with strafe, and it will keep enemies awayWhen holder damages an enemy, enemy is slowed down by 60% for 2 seconds.
Rose BucklerPermanent armourGrants +30 per stock armor while sprinting.
Foreign FruitThis helps you survive the early phase of the game, which is tougher to get through than you’d think. it’s going to make that difficult phase go by much easierHeals the holder for 50% of their maximum health.
Fuel CellThis is only core if you got that early foreign fruit, and even then you only need 1 fuel cellThis item grants +1 per stack equipment per stack and reduces +15 cooldown per stock.

Items like Tougher Times, Monster Tooth, Personal Shield Generator, Medkit, Leeching Seed, Harvester’s Scythe, Infusion, Dio’s Best Friend, and Rejuvenation Rack will help Huntress in not instantly dying.

Core Items

Bandolier, Backup Magazine, Alien Head, BrainstalksMaximizing the damage your glaive does is huge. Crowbar lets you break down enemies, so you don’t have to clean them up with strafe.
CrowbarMaximizing the damage your glaive does is huge. Crowbar lets you break down enemies, so you don’t have to clean them up with strafe
Hardlight AfterburnerImproved mobility
H3AD-ST v2Provides spectacular vertical mobility

 Preferable Picks

Gasoline, Will-o’-the-Wisp, Ceremonial Dagger, and Happiest MaskMakes your glaive seek out more targets instead of hitting the same ones repeatedly
Hopoo Feather, Old War Stealth Kit, Wax QuailThese provide mobility in combat
Len’s Maker Glasses, Brilliant Behemoth, Tri-Tip DaggerItems that each stack increases the chance of proc or activating more consistently
N’kuhana’s OpinionHealing/damage increase
Gnarled WoodspriteA substitute for foreign fruit

Huntress Abilities Picks

Huntress specializes in long-range attacks using her bow for damage output but given the low health pool and melee utility, getting close to the enemy is recommended. Below are the primary abilities of a huntress that can be used along with its description.

Skill NameSkill CategoryDescription
PrimaryStrafeFires a seeking arrow for 150% damage, is best used with sprinting and aims to take out small foes
SecondaryLaser GlaiveThrows a seeking glaive that gives 250% damage and bounces 6 times, and with each bounce, the damage increases by 10%
UtilityBlinkTeleports forward
SpecialArrow RainSlows down the enemies dealing with 330% damage per second

Huntress Alternate Skills

You can always unlock a second set of abilities for your huntress and use them for your benefit. Here are some alternate skills that can make your huntress powerful. They work in a similar manner to our first picks so if you get tired of your main abilities, you can swap out to the ones below. They will work find the Huntress build in Risk of Rain 2.

Skill NameSkill CategoryDescription
PrimaryFlurryIt fires 3 seeking arrows, each with 100% damage, while critical strikes can fire 6 arrows. How to Unlock: Use a single glaive to target enemies and wait till a group of enemies appears. Target them by firing a glaive; each target will land a flurry.
UtilityPhase BlinkTeleport to a shorter distance while storing 3 charges. How to Unlock: Use 12 crowbar together to do a phase blink.
SpecialBallistaTeleport to the sky and fire 3 energy bolts, each dealing with 3×900% damage. How to Unlock: Complete Rallypoint Delta/Scorched Acres with 100% health.

How to play with a Huntress

Huntress is boosted with many powers that you can use to your advantage. She is a fast character so you can take advantage of her whenever you are in an overwhelming situation.

Her special abilities allow her to teleport through the air. You can use this ability to avoid conflict by teleporting into the air. It helps you get a clear shot of enemies on the ground and avoid their attacks.

You can make combinations out of her abilities. Use Arrow Rain and Ballista together, followed by Phase Blink, you jump into the air and dash in the forward direction. When you directly encounter powerful enemies, you can use this combination of skills to leave the situation and avoid dying early.

Huntress Synergy Combinations

Now, when we come to this point, we cannot tell you an optimal option to synergize with Huntress. But there are some better options of characters that can synchronize well with Huntress. Commando is one best options for the huntress because this character can help counter her squishy nature due to its strong power. Another option is pairing up Huntress with Bandit.

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