Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Builds and Loadouts

In this Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to play Huntress in Risk of Rain 2.

Huntress is one of the hardest carries in Risk of Rain 2. She’s not as strong as the other characters and is mainly for when you’re playing on drizzle difficulty.

However, if you learn how to utilize her insanely long cooldowns, it’s worth it. We’ve prepared this Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide to help you become the best Huntress you can be.

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Builds, Loadouts and Tips

We’ll walk you through maximizing your damage output and other tricks at different points in RoR 2 as Huntress so continue reading the guide below.

Huntress Primary skills: Strafe or Flurry

Strafe is firing a Seeking Arrow to cause 150% damage. Learning this is important because early on in the game, your other skills have such a long cooldown that they shouldn’t be depended on.

It can be used while sprinting that makes it the most reliable way to hit a target when mobile. You can evade attacks by sprinting and jumping while auto-aim keeps the targets in your crosshairs.

Later in the game, after itemized, you’ll not use this as often as you did early on. Laser Glaive is more of a priority with Strafe only being used occasionally to take out smaller foes.


Flurry is firing 3 Seeking Arrows to cause 100% damage each. You can shoot six arrows if you make a critical strike. However its firing rate is slower than the Strafe, but you can still finish with more DPS by selecting this.

Secondary Skill: Laser Glaive

This has a 7-second cooldown and can do multiple hits on the same target as well as one the closest other targets. It’s great for scouting.

Due to the cooldown, it isn’t very reliable early on and you have to stick with Strafing for a bit. It’s still powerful at every stage in the game and great against wisps and other soft targets. You can use it later in the game very often.

Utility Skills

This is when you teleport in the direction of your crosshair. You can use it to maneuver in any direction and when used in conjunction with Arrow Rain, do some pretty crazy acrobatics.

It’s a great way to get away from enemy targeting. It has a 7-second cooldown as well.

Phase Blink
Phase blink is used from teleporting a short distance and disappearing. Phase blink is not as useful as blink since you can’t teleport a long distance.

It has a cooldown time of 2 –second per charge and can store up to 3 charges.

Arrow Rain

This is a good countermeasure when you find yourself overwhelmed by small enemies, as it doesn’t do a lot of damage. The main feature of this is the jump.

You immediately fall from the air after doing this so if you’re going to use Blink, you’d better use it fast.

Recommended Items
There is a variety of items that Huntress can use. They range from “must-haves” to very minor things that you can skip over. Legendary Items are something you should absolutely prioritize getting ASAP.


Items Effects
Bustling Fungus, Cautious Slug These Two Disengages Will Allow You to Heal up Once You Get Out of Combat
Goat’s Hoof, Energy Drink These Help You Evade Better When Sprinting.
Chronobauble Pair This With Strafe and It Will Keep Enemies Away.
Rose Buckler Permanent Armor.
Foreign Fruit This Helps You Survive the Early Phase of the Game, Which Is Tougher to Get Through Than You’d Think. It’s Going to Make That Difficult Phase Go by Much Easier.
Fuel Cell This Is Only Core If You Got That Early Foreign Fruit and Even Then You Only Need 1 Fuel Cell.
Berserker’s Pauldron Makes mid Game Much Easier but Is Easily Outdated by Laser Glaive.


Items like Tougher Times, Monster Tooth, Personal Shield Generator, Medkit, Leeching Seed, Harvester’s Scythe, Infusion, Dio’s Best Friend, and Rejuvenation Rack will help Huntress in not instantly dying.

Core Items


Items Effects
Bandolier, Backup Magazine, Alien Head, Brainstalks These Are the Items You Absolutely Must Have to Beat the Late Game. However, Make Sure That an Artificer or Mercenary Has at Least One Backup Magazine to Maximize Their Kit.
Crowbar Maximizing the Damage Your Glaive Does Is Huge. Crowbar Lets You Burst Down Enemies so That You Don’t Have to Clean Them Up With Strafe.
Hardlight Afterburner Improved Mobility.
H3AD-ST v2 Provides Spectacular Vertical Mobility.


Preferable Picks

Items Effects
Gasoline, Will-o’-the-Wisp, Ceremonial Dagger, and Happiest Mask Make Your Glaive Seek Out More Targets Instead of Hitting the Same One Repeatedly.
Hopoo Feather, Old War Stealth Kit, Wax Quail These Provide Mobility in Combat.
Len’s Maker Glasses, Brilliant Behemoth, Tri-Tip Dagger Items That Each Stack Increases the Chance of Proc or Activating More Consistently.
N’kuhana’s Opinion Healing/Damage Increase.
Gnarled Woodsprite A Substitute for Foreign Fruit.


The following items are very weak and not quite your best option:

Items Effects
Acceptable On-kill items close combat items.
Frost Relic, Unstable Tesla Coil Do a lot of damage and can be used in chains. Can’t be used in boss fights though.
Bundle of Fireworks Good for cleaning up the end of a level or speed running.
Red Whip All decent actives once you no longer need the survivability actives.
Disposable Missile Launcher, Primordial Cube, Ocular HUD, The Back-up, Preon Accumulator, Royal Capacitor, and Radar Scanner, Milky Chrysalis, The Crowdfunder N/A
  • Soldier’s Syringe, Warbanner, Predatory Instincts
  • Sticky Bomb, ATG Missile MK. 1, Runald’s Band, Kjaro’s Band, Sentient Meat Hook, Ukulele, Stun Grenade.

These have terrible range, damage, and attack speed. No need to buff out an attack that is just going to be outclassed by Laser Glaive.

Huntress Builds

Like many games, RoR2 allow allows the players to use different items and skills together to make a build for your character.

Let us look at the different type of builds you can use for your Huntress.

Speedy Girl
As Huntress has a high DPS and is fast, it is only natural we use her this ability to our advantage and build around it. this Build will majorly focus on pushing her mobility farther while maintaining damage.

The main idea is to faster then the enemies so you depend on avoiding their attacks and at the same time, retaliate strongly.

You’ll need the following items for this Build:

  • Rose Buckler or Cautious Slug: Defensive items for sprinting like Rose Buckler and Cautious Slug are really useful if she has mobility.
  • Soldier’s Syringe: You can stack as many of these as you want, and it will be OP.
  • Harvester’s Scythe or Lens Maker’s Glasses: Both Lens Maker’s Glasses and Harvester’s Scythe builds up her critical hit chance and increases her overall damage.
  • Predatory Instinct.(try to use with Ukulele): Predatory Instinct allows Huntress to build even more attack speed.

Gaze of Death
For this, we will try to make a glass cannon out of Huntress. We will focus the the strongest item is her arsenal and make it viable, Royal Capacitor.

All you need for this is to completely depend on Royal Capacitor, and we will reduce its cool down time using other items.

You’ll need the following items for this Build:

  • Royal Capacitor or Spinel Tonic: Call down a lightning strike on a targeted monster, dealing 3000% damage and stunning nearby monsters.
  • Multiple Fuel Cells or Gesture of the Drowned: These will allow you to reduce cold down time for the Royal Capacitor from 20s to approximately 4s.
  • Soulbound Catalyst: Soulbound Catalyst reduces equipment cooldown by 4s(+2s per stack) for each kill

Nuclear Huntress
For this specific build, we will try to enhance Huntress’s AoE attacks, allowing her to deal extreme damage to multiple enemies at once.

We will be using multiple Will-o-Wisps and Crowbar items for 7350% base damage that procs items at a high rate.

If they proc your 2 AtGs, the missiles do 44,100% dmg. This means you will be over powered for any boss you face.

You’ll need the following items for this Build:

  • Will-o-Wisp: Similar to Gasoline, this item stacks her AoE damage.
  • Backup Magazine: This entire build is centered around Huntress’s Laser Glaive, so lots of Backup Magazines are required for this to work..
  • Gasoline: This is one item that gives her lots of AoE damage. Killing an enemy would light all enemies around on fire.
  • Ukulele or Sticky Bombs: These items stacks her proc damage, makes her wipe everything faster.
  • Primordial Cube: This item allows her to maximize her AoE damage