Riot Games Goes After League Of Legends Auto Battler Clone

Riot Games will be taking legal action against yet another League of Legends clone for an obvious copyright infringement on its popular franchise.

The lawsuit was filed in the California Central District Court earlier today against developer Imba Technology Company and parent company Suga. Riot Games has accused the defendants for knowingly creating and releasing a mobile game which includes close replicas of several League of Legends characters as well as other thematic and gameplay elements.

It is believed that the mobile game in question is I am Hero: AFK Teamfight, which is described as a “combination of idle role-playing game elements with the tactics of auto chess teamfight.”

The game has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times on Google Play and the reviews themselves reveal how bad a carbon copy it is of Teamfight Tactics, the official auto battler spinoff of League of Legends.

For starters, I am Hero: AFK Teamfight has pretty much copied all of the major League of Legends characters and their abilities. Aatrox, for example, has been named as QQtrox. Talon as Tolan. Kai’Sa as Kaiser. There are numerous other blatant references as well, suggesting that Imba Technology Company may as well be having fun and chose to not even make an attempt at hiding.

The only problem is that I am Hero: AFK Teamfight features support for in-game purchases and with so many downloads already racked up, Riot Games will never allow any other developer to earn by selling clones of its own intellectual properties.

Imba Technology Company and Suga have not presented their attorneys to plead the case, but it goes without saying that Riot Games will not find it difficult to shut this mobile game down and soon.

Elsewhere, in the League of Legends universe, Riot Games has finally implemented a two-factor authentication system. All players are advised to enable the security system to help ensure that their accounts are not hacked by others.

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