When Will Returnal Reviews Come Out?

Returnal has garnered a lot of positive reactions in the past few weeks to lead into its release on PlayStation 5 in the coming days.

For players who like to be cautious or players in general who like to confirm their pre-orders based on reviews, take note that the review embargo of Returnal will be ending on April 29, 2021.

That will be a day before the official release. Hence, expect all major publications and online influencers to start publishing or sharing their reviews of the game as soon as the embargo lifts on April 29, 2021.

That being said, players who have already pre-ordered Returnal on PlayStation 5 can start pre-loading their purchase. The game requires about 60 GB of free storage which does not include any mandatory day one updates.

Why pre-load? Well, pre-loading right now will ensure that players are able to jump into the game as soon as its releases.

Returnal, as far as early reactions and teasers from reviewers are concerned, is shaping up to be another mighty exclusive offering on PlayStation 5. The reviews are hence expected to side with the same hype as developer Housemarque looks to have done about everything right (and more) with its new third-person roguelike psychological horror shooter.

Returnal looks absolutely stunning to say the least but beyond its stellar visuals, players should be wary of its difficulty ceiling. The game is said to be a bit of a challenge but thankfully, the lightning-fast solid-state drive of the PS5 will keep loading times to a minimum so that players “spend as much time as possible engaged in the action.”

Returnal went gold last month and hence, there will be no more delays. The game was originally supposed to release in February 2021 before being delayed by a couple of months due to production challenges birthed by the pandemic.

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