Resident Evil Village Village Visit #4 Collectibles Guide

In this Resident Evil Village Village Visit #4 Collectibles guide, we’ll tell you about all the collectibles for your fourth visit to the Village in RE 8.

In this Resident Evil Village Village Visit #4 Collectibles guide, we’ll tell you about all the collectibles, how to find them, how to solve the puzzles and fight the beasts on your fourth visit to the Village in Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil Village Village Visit #4 Collectibles

Your fourth visit back to the Village in RE 8 will take place after you escape from the reservoir. Even though not a lot has changed since your last visit, there are still a few changes that you need to look forward to. When you return to the Village for the 4th time, you’ll have a crank in your hand that is used to open a mechanical door leading to poultry.

The mechanical door is located at the far-left corner of the Village, and the chickens on its other side will provide you with 2 poultry.

Once you’ve feasted on the chicken, look for an outhouse in the vicinity and peek underneath it. You’ll find yourself looking at a jar containing Yellow Quartz.

With the Yellow Quartz in your pocket, climb the nearby ladder and then move along the ledge before jumping down and landing on a nearby shed. While on the roof of the shed, look around for a chest. The chest contains Pigeon Blood Ruby.

Next, head to the graveyard to slaughter 2 black mountain goats for 2 meat each. Afterward, make your way to the altar.

The River Boat Treasures
Head towards the Ceremony Site, and when you reach a large bridge, head down towards the right. Lower the drawbridge using your crank.

Jump onto a boat and head north towards Castle Dimitrescu. Step onto the small dock when you find one. Look for a crank nearby before lowering it.

At the backside of the shack, there’s an outhouse that contains Gunpowder. Collect the Gunpowder, if you haven’t already, and head down the well.

Once you’re in the water, you’re required to look for a Lockpick beneath you before carrying on to the next room.

You’ll find yourself in a room full of spikes hanging over your head. However, we’re interested in opening the locked door at the other end of the room.

To unlock the room, collect the mine on your right and then find your way up to the ledge on the far end of the room, near the locked door. You can do so by climbing onto the raised platforms.

Look around for a control panel and then use the two white lights on it to raise two platforms at the far end of the room.

One of these raised platforms will have a minecart on them, push it to the ground. Then use it to climb onto a ledge with a breakable box. You might find some shotgun ammo lying around, so keep a sharp eye for it.

Next, find a hole and dropdown. In the hole, you’ll find flashbangs, Magnum ammo, and a chest containing Large Pigeon Blood Ruby. Once you’re done collecting items, head through the locked door.

Head back and cross the drawbridge again to get to the other side. Look around for two unlit torches. You’ll have to light both of them to unlock three bridges.

They can be lit up by swinging the brazier in the middle. Shoot it at an angle to make it swing towards the torches.

One of the rooms that you enter will have a hole in it. A Ghoul will use this hole to enter into the room, and if you keep killing it, more Ghouls will appear.

Therefore, lead the Ghoul back into the room with the brazier. Swing the brazier toward the Ghoul to see it go up in flames. Make it follow you to the third torch and light it up. Don’t forget to kill it when its job is done.

The Golden Lady Statue is located in this last unlocked room. You can sell it to the Duke and earn huge amounts of money.

Head back to the river again, jump onto the boat and travel towards the south until you reach a dead-end. Look around for a dock and disembark.

If you take the path to the left, you’ll come across Fish. Harvest the Fish and then continue down the right path. Keep going through the tunnel, and then cross the Cavern to come across a campsite.

You’ll find handgun ammo, antique coin, mines, flashbangs, explosive rounds, W870 TAC – Foregrip Mod for the shotgun in this campsite.

Lastly, interact with the computer to find the Analysis Results File. Look out for any ghouls later on.

Otto’s Mill
Now, head to the Fallow Plot to fight a beast. Use everything you can against the boss to finish it off. You can use your explosives and lay down mines to trap the boss into them. If things start getting out of hand, you can take refuge inside a building.

If the boss is a bit far away from you, you can also snipe to deal it some damage. Flour bags can also be used to stun the beast. Defeating, the boss will reward you with Crystal Ancient Beast.

After defeating the beast, be on your way towards the Stronghold. At the last “good luck sign”, take a left and continue until you come across a lumber mill. Look around for goats that you can kill for meat.

You cannot enter the mill without a Crystal Fragment. It can be found on the other side of the stream.

Enter the mill, and you’ll have to fight another giant boss. He has a giant ax in his hands, and you need to look out for it. The best tactic is to be on your feet and always keep moving. From time to time, he’ll summon winged monsters as a backup, but they are easy to fight since they take way too much time in attacking you.

As far as the main boss is concerned, hit him up with any explosives that you can find. This is the best way to put him down. The boss will also stop attacking you when he summons the winged beasts for backup. This is the perfect time to deal him as much damage as you can.

Defeating the boss will reward you with Giant Crystal Axe, and more doors will unlock for you. Enter the cannibal’s storehouse to find 3 meat, 1 poultry, 1 fish, herbs for replenishing your health, metal scrap, and Ernest’s Diary File.

The last room that you’ll enter contains Father Nichola’s Angel. Also, look around for the Gunpowder in the same room.

When you exit the mill, you’ll be ambushed by a group of Lycans. Lure them near the stream where there are a couple of explosives that you can use against them.

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